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Our older two children usually sleep in a separate room, except when dh is traveling for work. Then I have all four of us sleep in "mombed" (a queen and twin pushed together), for comfort and for safety in the night (what if I had to evacuate the house in a fire by myself?)

Our youngest is just transitioning to his own bed and is proud to start out the night there usually. His usual spot in "mombed" is on the twin, which is against the wall.

Daddy has been away for 5 nights
and is back tonight

With daddy away, my little one INSISTS on sleeping on daddy's side of the bed (the outside of the queen). He has fallen off the bed three times, and I keep moving him back to the inside, but then he wakes up and crawls over me and his bro and sis to get back to dadspot. I ended up putting cushions on the floor.

He even sleeps on his side in the exact position daddy sleeps in (when ds2's usual position is on his back). I think this is why he keeps falling out.

It is just so sweet. He is missing daddy and sleeping in his spot to be close to him while he is gone.
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