Meet Lilybee Wrap, a family run business that sells beautiful reusable food wrap.
Meet LilyBee Wrap, a family-run business that sells beautiful reusable food wrap made with local beeswax.

Plastic bottles, plastic lids, plastic toys - plastic is literally within our reach all day long, which means most of us are using (and disposing of) it at alarming rates. In fact, so much plastic is thrown away every year that it could circle the world four times.

But there is hope: more and more families are choosing eco-friendly alternatives. Take Stacia Jensen and Miko Hayashi.

Meet Lilybee Wrap, a family run business that sells beautiful reusable food wrap.

Life partners Stacia and Miko started making reusable wraps to meet their own goals with regards to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. From their New Zealand home in picturesque Hawke's Bay, the couple spent months perfecting their eco-friendly wrap formula, and eventually came up with what we know today as LilyBee Wraps.

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The wraps are made with 100% cotton cloth and a mixture of locally sourced beeswax, tree resin, and coconut oil. Miko says, "The beeswax blend has natural anti-bacterial properties, and the cotton cloth allows the food to breathe, rather than sweat."

At first, Miko and Stacia had no intention of turning their food wraps into a family business. Instead, they shared their creations with family and friends who also wanted to reduce their plastic footprint. But word of mouth spread quickly. Miko says, "From day one, news about our wraps spread... and we had people coming from all over town to buy them."

Now the couple's online store has sold wraps to over 10,000 customers, locally and worldwide. With over 15,000 followers on Facebook and over 3,000 followers on Instagram, LilyBee Wraps are rapidly growing in popularity - proof that parents worldwide care about the planet and want to raise a future generation of eco-conscious adults.

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And it's not just parents who love Lilybee Wraps. Stacia says, "We get letters and emails from parents saying how their children love finding their lunches wrapped in our pretty designs."

LilyBee Wraps can be used as snack bags; to wrap fruits, veggies, and sandwiches; and to cover salad bowls and soups. To clean them, all you need is a mild detergent and some cold water.

Lilybee Wraps come in various sizes and gorgeous designs. From singles to sets of three and larger family packs, they range in price from $10 US - $45 US, saving you money in the long run (goodbye plastic wrap - you won't be missed!).

Visit the LilyBee Wrap online shop to choose from all the gorgeous sets and designs. You'll be doing your family (and Mother Nature) a huge favor.

Please note: this is not a sponsored post or paid advertisement. We love supporting small family businesses and really love what this couple is doing for families and the environment.