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Family doc in Bangor area?

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I recently moved back to Bangor and since the last doc I saw here was my pediatrician, I need to find a doc.

My must haves are really just someone who listens to me & explains things fully, who isn't TOTALLY mainstream, and who can do my annual well-woman exam. I would prefer a female and a DO vs. an MD but the above qualities are more important. (My last doc was an MD and I loved her; the doc I've been seeing here is a DO and I'm not impressed.)

I don't have kids yet so this is not an immediate concern, but my DREAM doc would someone who in addition to the above also delivers babies, is supportive of BFing and wouldn't freak out if we selective vax. I think it would be so beneficial to have someone who understands the health issues of my WHOLE family, not an ob/gyn who understands my girlie parts, a midwife who delivers my kids, a ped who treats my children, and pcp who treats me and DH. I can dream, can't I?

Oh I actually live in Winterport and I would be willing to travel a reasonable distance for someone who's worth it. TIA for any ideas!
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I would strongly suggest Leona Cerkovitz. She is in Orono and is the only doc at Bangor Integrative Health. Her office is in the basement in her house and it is very homey. She is absolutely wonderful. She does not push vacs. Both dd and I have been seeing her since we moved to the area almost 7 years ago. She has a background in mental health and also does Reiki!! Her number is 866-9025. Good luck!
Beth Ann Leiberman in Bucksport is awesome. She is a DO, is bf friendly, open to non/ selective vaxing, loves cd! She really listens and takes her time with you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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