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Family Doc in Chicago or Western Suburbs for DH

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DH needs to go to a doctor and we DON'T have insurance. We live close by Oak Park, IL but in our experience any business here including doctors offices charge a lot for services. I guess, it's the neighborhood.
Anyone can recommend a doctor in Chicago (DH works there) or western burbs who charges considerably?
Thank you!
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I need a doctor, a family doc for primary care. Nothing specific. Just a nice holistic doctor. My DH refuses to go to a naturopath and I havn't been to a doctor for ages now, so I don't know any.
Please, any recommendations!
I know that my dr works with patients who don't have insurance, but I have no idea what his rates are. His name is Dr William White in Villa Park. he is a family dr, and I take my daughter to him and he will be at my homebirth in March!
Thank you!
I will try calling him today
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