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Everyone here has been so helpful so far. I feel bad for being a question-asker, but not offering much myself. I'll try to do better. We've been working with a 26.8Kb connection speed
: and of toddler. So, she's asleep and dh is busy, so here I am for a minute.
I'm looking for a good no-vax supporting, extended bfing, natural remedy suggesting etc. kind of doctor in the Jacksonville, NC area. I hear my options are pretty limited, but I don't like just not going to well baby visits. I mean, I don't mind not going to those, I'm pretty confident that all is well, ykwim, but we're going to need a doctor someday for something (like maybe a broken bone, stitches, I dunno), and I'd like to have someone I trust, not somebody I feel like I have to guard my answers to get the care I want, if that makes any sense. And it seems like now is the time to do research, while we're all healthy, not when we need one...
So, any suggestions? Who do you like? (and why, if I may ask)
Thanks SO much!

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