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Family Doctor in Provo, Utah County

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Hi all,

I did a search, but found just one recommendation for pediatricians (maybe I should expand my search terms). We just found out that our family doctor is closing his practice, and now we need a good family doctor. We like our pediatrician just fine, but need someone for the grownups. Any recommendations? We'll go anywhere in Utah County, but Provo/Orem/Springville are most convenient for us.

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I'm interested as well.

My kids see Dr. Fullmer at the Utah Valley Peds in Payson and he is GREAT!

But I haven't been happy with any doctors that I have seen for myself.
I finally found someone I like!

I went to the Utah Valley Health Clinic and saw Dr. Wright.

He is a naturopathic doctor. I've never seen one before but in general, I like the approach. One of the things I like best about the approach is that you take all less invasive measures first, and see if they work, before you take more invasive measures to treat some condition. Dr. Wright took a lot of time with me and was really good at listening and discussing things with me. He realized that *I* am in charge of my health care and that *I* make the final decision about any treatment--this is the biggest problem that I have had with other doctors I have seen in this region. He also practices obstetrics but I don't know much about how his OB practices are different from a normal doc. I saw him to find some treatment options for depression.

I actually found him by doing a search on this forum.

How about you? Have you found anyone good yet?
Late, but I love the docs at Mountain Peaks Family Practice in Orem.
(801) 724-9840
501 E 770 N
Orem, UT 84097
I have since moved by Tooele, but Dr Johnson never gave me any grief in 8 years over my vaccine stance. They are wonderful. Dr Johnson was a referral from a local homebirth midwife.
I was just coming on here to ask for AP-friendly peds in Utah County, glad I saw this thread. Does anyone know if any of these doctors suggested above accept medicaid? I have had a disappointing experience at the clinic we've been going to so far and am worried that being on Medicaid will severely limit our options for good docs. Thanks everyone.

Also, do naturopaths do immunizations? We do a delayed/alternative schedule so I need someone who will work with that.
also to the OP jerebo, who is the pediatrician you see that you are happy with?
Dr. Matthew Clayton and his dad and partner Dr Russell Clayton on Freedom Blvd on Provo are AMAZING! They get right back to you too! I'm not sure who their partner is, but he is not as good as they are from what I hear! THey are completely supportive and followed up continually when my newborn had jaundice. THey also support mother knows best when approaching vaccinations. Really sweet guys!
Yes, HIGHLY recommended Utah Valley Health Clinic Doctor and Clinicians!

He loves to deliver babies,give prenatal and post birthing care to the mother. Is a specialist in mother, father, sister, brother - whole family! Even grandparents are welcome.

This is a link to the website and contact information:

Phone: 801-374-5677
Fax: 801-374-5675
Email: [email protected]
Website URL:

This is a link to Integrated Medicine with a review about the Doctor - Dr Jeff Wright.


If you do NOT suffer illnesses etc, but need a good physician to help you with nutritional planning, weight gain, weight loss etc THIS IS YOUR DOCTOR!

The UVHC does NOT accept insurances. However, let them know and they give you a superbill you can then send into your insurance for reimbursements.

I hope you will see Dr Jeff Wright and the wonderful varied treatments and clinicians at the UVHC Provo SOON.

This is the additional information and resource site link that is just going up:
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