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family friendly festivals in the surrounding states/ east coast

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hey everyone! i am just so happy that summer is here, b/c i love to camp and go to festivals. we are looking for some good ones to take our dd to...
so far, All Good and Blue Heron are sounding pretty good. anybody know of others that sound like they will family-friendly? BTW, i haven't been to All Good, i am just assuming by their website that it will be ok, so if anyone's been there, please give me your opinion!
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Grey Fox Bluegrass is loads of fun with many kid friendly activities.
I wholeheartedly second the Greyfox suggestion. Very family friendly and just so much fun! We'll be there with a group of friends! Can't wait for the hill!

Also here is a pretty comprehensive list of summer folk happenings. You may find something else there. Happy festival-ing!
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ooooh, thanks. i am so looking forward to going festival-ing! have fun!
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