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Fancy Dresses: 18mo Biscotti and 3T Bonnie Jean *reduced*

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We bought these for an event we didn't end up attending. We rarely buy new but had been given a gift card to dillards- so we got them. It pains me to sell them without having gotten any use out of them.

The first is an 18 Month Biscotti butter yellow "fairy" dress. I *LOVE* this. I wish I could think of some reason to put it on her. LOL. Paid 60.00 asking 25.00 PPD

The second is a 3T Coral Bonnie Jean dress- also beautiful. It looked really sharp with DD's darker hair. It is very elegant. Paid 60.00 asking 25.00 PPD

Both are comfy without any scratchy materials against the skin.
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OMG, that dress is gorgeous! It makes me want to buy it in case we have another baby, and it's a girl, and she would be the right size in summer. But I have a boy, and though I thik he would look pretty in it, I don't think my DH would approve. LOL, hope you get a buyer, it is beautiful!
Thanks, LOL- I thought they were beautiful to. I still can't believe I bought them. I think I'll try ebay next if nobody grabs 'em
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One last chance before ebay- anyone?
I lied, just don't feel like listing them on ebay so I lowered them
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