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Fancy Pants pockets

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Hey all-
I was surprised FancyPants weren't reviewed here, and I wanted to put in a super good word about them. Jen, the lady who makes them, is super great. They're my favorite pockets (I also used FB and Happy Heinies). Jen has really great PUL patterns, and also makes fleece pockets. They are great--dry quick, and there are plenty of snaps to get the right fit (I can never get the right fit with HH--they gap in the leg). I had a couple of dipes that were wicking and Jen had me send them back and she discovered that there was a small batch that didn't get PULed correctly, so she sent me all new ones, plus an extra free. Then I bought two covers off someone who was explicit that they were specially made as covers and not pockets, and Jen had me send those and she made them into AIOs for me for free. She has AIOs and PUL and fleece, and pockets in both also. She has a great Yahoo group that gets FANTASTIC deals--I've bought them for as little as 9 apiece shipped. You gotta check these out!
PS--I hope this is okay that I post the website--
I know she also sells on FamilyAuction.
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I second the rave for Fancy Pants!! Great workmanship, adorable prints, and super customer service. And Jen will make to your specifications. My only very minor issue is that the pockets are a bit poofier than FB, but not by much. I too love the adjustable fit of the dipes.
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