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I got this idea fromt he crock pot thread. ( which I love)

So lets start a collection of fast and fresh foods.

here is one of my kids favorites

4-6 ears of corn
cooked chicken
black beans
red peppers
ww tortilla's ( isuggest the great eats with wheat thread for a good recipie)
shredded cheese

cut corn off ears
Add onions to frying pan than red peppers.
Add chix corn and beans.
Heat through
Use the tortilla and cheese to make quesildeas (sp???)
top with sour cream and salsa

I add spanish style rice to the leftovers and make burritos and freeze them for a quick lunch.

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melt some cheese on tortillas,fold in half.
put a bit of olive oil in a pan and brown quesadillas. Add chopped avacado sprinkled with salt and lime juice atop. Add some pinto beans and yogurt if you want, or serve the quesadilla cut into wedges with the yogurt on the side to dip.

fruit salad
take a mix of the fruit you have in your fridge, dice up small and mix in a bowl.Add chopped nuts, maybe some raisins or dried fruit, or avacado peices as well, toss lightly with a pomegranate(or other) fruited vinegar.
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