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Fasting experience? Anyone?

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Fasting experience?Anyone?

I am interested in fasting, but don't have a helluvalot of experience, though I have done some. I know it is excellent for detoxing, but what health cond.s can it help with?

What are the best ways to conduct it? Is only drinking water dangerous?
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Are you a Christian? Because I can refer you to some great Christian fasting books.

Generally, only drinking water is fine, as long as it is for a short time. (Especially if you don't have a lot of experience with it, you probably don't want to do a water fast for more than a day or two, tops.) You can even do a *breath fast* (no water) for a day, but I wouldn't do it for any longer than that.

I skimmed a good book about fasting at, of all places, Jamba Juice, the other day. I'll see if I can find it and link you to it, but if I remember correctly, it recommended a gradual transition back to eating (so, don't sit down to a steak or anything right after a fast), and a slow transition to fasting is a good idea, too (to prepare your body for the fast). Also, realize that you'll be grumpy, tired, etc., especially at first, so if you are the only one around to care for your children (if you have any) it might be a good idea to wait until someone can help you.

I hope some of that helps. If you are a Christian, you can do a search for books by Bill Bright on fasting.
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Like Anne said, you will most likely be grumpy at first. But after the hunger subsides, you'll feel better, usually after the first 1 1/2 to 2 days. You can do a juice fast for as long as 40 days. If you're using it for detox, use organic juice. A juice fast is also a good way to transition in and out of a water fast.

It's great for detoxing and detox can help a lot of different conditions. In particular I know it helps high blood pressure.
Thanks for the advice. No I'm not a Christian Ahree. But I don't mind reading Christian books. I realize Jesus did a 40 day fast in the desert.

The breath fast sounds intrigueing. Was it tough to do? Did it help you feel closer to the Divine? I guess there is only one way to find out.

Mamagranola, I don't think I'd be up to doing 40 days. Have you done that long?
I haven't in a very long time. I have been either preg or nursing steadily for the past 9 years. I don't feel comfortable fasting while nursing. One way your body detoxes is through secretions and breastmilk is a secretion.

40 days isn't bad. It's the first week that's hard.
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