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My oldest dog has never over eaten. We have just left food out and he has been fine. Well he is aging. We are starting to soften his food the problem is keeping the other dog out of it. My older dog just doesn't eat fast. He is use to eating through out the day.

We have tried the method of seperating and feeding one at a time. He just doesn't eat.

His teeth and gums are fine.

He refuses a change in dog food but eats more if it is soften.

My younger dog is a pig. If there is food out he will eat it.

We are walking the younger one more often but he is getting FATTER. He is overweight. Were as the older dog is loosing weight. Vet cannot find anything wrong with the older dog except age. We did try a pain killer for the older dog to see if we were missing hidden pain. After a month he hadn't gain weight and didn't eat anymore.

Anyone have any ideas on how to juggling feeding these 2 dogs. Keeping a heathy weight on the older one........and loosing weight on the younger one.
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