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Fav adoption books?

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Now that DS is 2 we are making more of an effort to include more talk and books about adoption (we've done somewhat in the past). What are your favorite books for kiddos (and parents too!)
Ours include:
Happy Adoption Day
I love You Like Crazy Cakes
Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born
Can't wait to hear your fav's!
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Great post! I'm always on the prowl for new books for my dd. Some of our faves are:

--The Family Book by Todd Parr (not specifically adoption; theme is that families come in all different configurations)
--A Mother for Choco
--The Best Single Mom in the World: How I was Adopted by Mary Zisk
--Over the Moon


Trish (long time book addict; dd showing beginning signs of book addiction, too!!)
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My daughter's favorite adoption book at that age was the one we made about her! (of course...) It's easy to do with Shutterfly or iPhoto.
We like:
And Tango Makes Three (also a gay parenting book, based on a true story of two male penguins who adopt an egg)
Todd Parr - The family book, and We Belong Together

I love tell me again about the night I was born, but DS isn't so into it.
We also have "A Mother for Chocco", but it hasn't clicked for us yet.
My little one loves:

The Kissing Hand
Shaoey and Dot (although now she thinks she is flew on an airplane - eek!)
i picked up "tell me again about the night i was born" cause i loved the pictures, and although we are not adopting infant i thought it good to have different children's stories on adoption, not just the ones that are exactly like our children's life. I also picked up "i am gonna like me" by same authors (i tell ya winners and Value village are best places for books)

Also my sister was telling me about the penguin book- her 18 month old picked it up at the library.
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