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Fave fitteds and AIO?

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I'd really like to get a few fitteds and AIO to keep with my prefolds (prefolds will be the staple) also just incase I find out I HATE prefolds. Soooo, my question is what is ya'lls fave (semi-inexpensive...we're switching to CD to SAVE money...LOL) fitted and AIO? DS is 4.5 months old, not a supper heavy wetter except at night. Of course I'm very good about changing him right away (the pissy chemically smell of sposies makes my stomach turn) so I guess if he were left for more than an hour he might be a heavy wetter? His diaper is usually pretty full in the AM but he doesn't get changed overnight (he don't wake up long enough, just long enough to find boobie and suck himself back to sleep)

Ack...sorry for the ramble
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My favorite fitted that isn't expensive is Snoogie Snaps.
Cripes... my absolute faves are Righteous Baby and Valor-Kids.

Easily attainables, hm, SugarPlumBaby fitteds and Harleyz pocketz (I know, not an AIO)
SugarPlumBaby fitteds are really nice...I also LOVE bikini-cut Cuddlebuns. They are so trim and cute. (They are a one-size diaper and fit my baby since he was 2 weeks old and still fit him at 6 months (21 pounds) and my 33 pound 2 year old!)
my favorite fitteds that are easy to get right now are mutts.
Favorite AIO is VB AIO's
My favorite fitteds are SOS ... not exactly cheap and fairly hard to get. :LOL

But for an AIO, I think Very Baby or Fuzzi Bunz (if you don't mind pocket diapers) are the best option, and for a heavy wetter I would really suggest FB because I have had a leak with VB, but never with FB. I have a 2 1/2 year old VERY heavy wetter.
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