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Favorite color of playsilk?

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I'd like to get DD a playsilk, but since she'll just be getting one at this point, I'd like to make a good choice of color.

I'd appreciate hearing about your DC's favorite playsilk color, to help inform me in our choice!

: Thanks,
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I don't think my ds really cares too much about the colors at this point. We have the pack of 8 from (Really good prices!), so he has a bunch to choose from. He generally seems to grab whichever is easiest to get. If she has a favorite color, I'd probably go with that. But you might want to get a particular color if there's a particular use you can see her putting it to. If she has little toy fish or is really interested in swimming, blue for water could be nice. Or, if she's goofy like ds, and might enjoy you balling it up and tossing it at her while calling out, "Snowball!", then white could be good. (Although we don't have a white one and just do the snowball thing with all of ours.)
We have several different (sky/water), green (grass), etc., etc.
Colin always seems to grab the bright yellow sunshine color. Lately he uses it to drape over his head & "hide," and says, "Where Colin be?" We say, "Gosh, what happened to Colin...has anyone seen Colin?" and he just giggles underneath there because he really thinks we don't know.

So anyway....he likes his yellow.
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DS doesn't have a favorite color yet, but he has a royal blue playsilk. I picked it out because I thought it was pretty, personally. It would also make a really pretty pond if he ever decides to play with it that way. Right now he only likes to drape it over his head.
ds favorite playsilk is a rainbow colored one
we got it from an MDC mama (she sells under the name NatureNurture on Ebay)
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boongirl- I would love a copy of your dyeing directions if you don't mind sharing. most the ones I've seen are for yarn and I don't want to screw them up! (I just ordered a bunch of silks from an MDC co-op- now I just need to shop for the kool-aid)
This is going to sound really stupid, but are playsilks just a piece of dyed silk clothe? If so why are they so expensive, can't you get them from you local fabric shop?

I am really just curious and wondering how your children "use" them.

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I got one from elliebelly that was called "thunderstorm" or something like that. It is shades of blue/grey/purple. It's really pretty. DD just uses it to hide under and sometimes she just carries it around. I don't think she cares too much about color at this point, but I like the color because it doesn't show dirt. I am curious how to wash them too because I have no clue.
thank you sooo much for posting these boongirl!
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Oh, I get it an open ended toy... I have two boys and we open ended toys for them- I was just wondering if they were associated with a game or something. Thanks for answering... sounds like fun and I checked out teh Thaisilks site and it is pretty cheap the tye dye sounds fun too!
we're partial to tie dye here! we got some really pretty ones from colorful~mama's store she does customs too!

beansmom, that silk sounds beautiful!!!
If you are dying a 36" playsilk with kool-aid, using the directions above, how many packets of koolaid do you use for one silk? I have no idea how much "1" weighs...

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