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Favorite condoms

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I hope this is okay to post....

Anyway dh and I have decided that I should go off the BC because we want to start ttc next year. We are going to use condoms. Last time I bought the lube ones without knowing. They sting me and dh doesn't like them at all.

I've never really used them so I am looking for recommendations.
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Is the specific lube mentioned on the package? I kind of have the opposite problem--I can't have hubby use anything BUT the lube-only ones because I have a bad reaction to the nonoxynol-9 spermicide (that seems to have cornered the market!). However...maybe you could try ones that use a different lubricant. Or you could get totally plain ones and supply your own lube (that might be the easiest way to go, since I'm not sure that the makers are required to provide ingredient lists of the lubricant).

Or, as an alternative thought--could it be the latex itself that you are sensitive to? Not a very fun area to have irritated! I hope that you guys find something that works for you, while you're waiting to start TTC!
Well, I don't need lube. We've had plain ones before and no issues so I don't think its the latex
lubed ones hurt me, too, not just the spermicidal ones, but any lubed condoms. We use(d) the trojans in the red box, with KY if needed.
I have HUGE issues with condoms, as I am alergic to latex. We use lambskin without lube and then use KY (or something else). The only problem is lambskins don't come in differing sizes. So, if your husband is a normal size, it shouldn't be a problem. Now, if your dh is like mine, then the lambskin might cut off a little circulation. But, really, is that so awful?

I know, totally too much info there!
I can't use any kind spermicide or anything. I'm way too sensitive to all of it. Plus, not to be gross, but the smell can be interesting, to put it midly.

The ones I like the best are Trojan Non-Lubricated. (Red Box) I think those are the ones stafl mentioned as well. They seem to be stronger than the spermicide ones, ie. they don't break as often.

One type of Durex is okay too. It's ribbed and has a wacky name, like Her Pleasure, or something like that. The ribbing on it didn't bother me like the other brands did.

I think you have to try a couple different kinds and see what works best.
Non lubricated (the lube stings me too), extra thin (I think these are the ones that will prevent pregnancy, but aren't recommended for protecting from disease), ribbed. Those were our favorites, if you can have a favorite condom. I always found it pretty hysterical that dh and I have been together for 13 years and we found ourselves using condoms. We did what you are doing - went off the pill and used condoms for 3 months before TTC. Then used condoms ever since ds was born until now - we are TTC again.
My favorites were the ones we left in the drawer!!

We use Trojan with spermicide ribbed (the studded ones are nice too) plus we used spermicide on top of that. (We have a habit of getting pg through condoms and spermicide together so we use the extra spermicide on the condom as a kind of guarantee...)

We didn't like the durex brand...can't remember why though...
Trojan Magnum XL... we tried all these crazy foreign brands, but when these came out we found them to be the best fit in the, um... girth.

Also, try these sites...

Rubber Rainbow

RR has (I beleive) a golossary of condom terms, and often has shipping specails.

You'll probably want to try several brands to find what works (research can be fun
), and if you do it by mail you won't have the clerk at the pharmacy wondering why you need half a dozen different kinds of rubbers :LOL

Good luck... and congrats on TTC!

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