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favorite diaper/aio ever?

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i always wonder what ppl's favorite diaper is in their stash, i mean down to the print...i'm quite obsessed with ladybugs, so i'd have to go with my ladybug appliqued windpro aio from granny's ark...cute, absorbant and fits well even though it's not the trimmest out there!
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My favorite is a stretchy PUL animal print pocket lined with powerdry from Ella's - so cute and I love the stretch!!
My newest favorite is a black animal print side snapping AIO from FMBG.
My orange Fuzzi Bunz, Turquoise Happy Heiny and flag print Little Lambs! Too many Favs lol
I think my all time favorite is a side snap, pink butterfly print, medium cloud 9 softie. I will be so sad when DD outgrows it. The fit is wonderful and it's so soft and girlish.
My favorite is my FMBG AIO with the What's Kickin' Chicken print. Heh. Um, hello? CHICKENS!
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My current fave is a FMBG AIO. The fabric is celestial.
My favorite true AIO (I love pockets but since this is about AIO's) is my Orange Blossom Baby AIO ( No leaks, cute, TRIM, and has side applix so its easy for me to get on but hard for him to get off!
My favorite AIO is my Angel Wraps with the mermaid print and the bright fushia fleece liner. SO pretty. My favorite WIO is my pea green sushi embroidered from Bizzy B Hive. My favorite cover is my Tuesday Bear custom Baa cover and my favorite soaker is my Kool Sheep Soaker with the fish on it. Oh, and my favorite fitted is my Harleyz Dipeez with the turtle print and my favorite pocket is my Happy Heinys Butterfly Batik (I really love my FBz, but they are too boring to add to the list, LOL). I am not sure I could pick just ONE as my favorite, but if I had to, it would be the Sushi Bizzy B Hive. It is too cool. All these dipes are pictured in the album that is attached to my signature below!

I am not sure what my favorite would have been.

I had an Elkebella (not sure if that is right) diaper I loved to death. And a Darla diaper that Aaron used until it was rags. I pretty much used only my stuff (though they were owned by my parents then) towards the last year in diapers though so I would say that Heavenly Hineys were the BULK of our stash since I could just change out the pocket and stuffing usually. He was past the poop all the time stage. I never have seen a WAHM soaker IRL other then what I make so I can't answer that but I did like the 1 Fuzbaby I had and the wool covers I made (though they were bulky) Oh and my sister made Aaron a but sweater that was really good at night....

I had a Cloud 9 that I loved too. And Terri (FMBG) made Aaron an AIO once and he LOVED it and it really held up nice. Oh Oh this is making me remember. I had a Valor Kids AIO in a cloud print that was lined in velour that was so adorable and well fitting. That was one of the last diapers we gave up.....
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I love my denim Little Lambs AIO. My favorite cover at this time besides my own is my Bandana print Snapdragons.
I just **LOVE** my Little Lambs AIO's. I know that on this board it seems like AIO's are sometimes reviled a bit, but I'm a total addict. I love the Little Lambs b/c they are so easy, cute, and affordable! They're my absolute faves, esp. with the fleece-topped hemp soakers.

I like Starbunz for the cute factor, and have a few others that are great-- Bearbums (?) dipe I have is quite wonderful, too, although there is some exposed pul at the leg gussets...but NO leaks, ever.

Then again, I've never tried a Fuz AIO. I've heard they are the holy grail. I need to win the lottery and have a timing miracle for that to happen, though.
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