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Favorite Fleece?

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I would like to try some fleece AIOs and covers, and I am wondering what you all would recommend?

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Well since you're also from Canada I'll suggest the places I've gotten some of my stuff! For nighttime I absolutely love my simple and basic fleece pull on covers from - Sweet Cheeks is in BC and I believe she offers free shipping so you'll want to check our her site. They are very plain, 300 wt polartec fleece and they really work - my son wears them 12 hours at night and no leaking in over a month!

For cuter covers I would suggest you check out - a Canadian WAHM from Manitoba (I think). Very pretty stuff but a bit of a wait for custom orders. She has fleece AIO's in stock though and they are really nice. I only have one so far, but I really like it.

Finally, I love the fleece AIO's from Sugarbums, but it is a US WAHM site - - Heidi is great and the prices are pretty good even once you do the conversion. I was very impressed with the speed with which I got my custom order and the diapers are beautiful.

Hope this helps!
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I would recommend Honeyboy AIOs if you want to try a cute but functional AIO. I have two HBs from Dara who is in Ontario and they are really cute (and beautifully sewn). Her url is: She has several in stock and is also open for custom orders. Really great customer service too!


Though Fuzzi Bunz and Happy Heinys are not quite AIO they are wonderful!! Better than a true aio in my opinion. They dry very fast and you can stuff them with whatever you want! Something light and trim during the day and extra at night. They are fleece on the inside so baby is always nice and dry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my FBs and HHs!!

Lots of places will do international shipping too if you ask, canada really isnt that much more
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