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Favorite Kitchen Gadget

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I know this is mindless chatter.......

But whenever Im in a kitchen store.....I go into a catatonic state. ILOVE Kitchen gadgets! You know, ones that work. NOt stupid ones.

So I want to know what your favs are.

Right fav is a microplane citrus grater.

IT can also be used for cheese. I dont have one yet, but used one while visiting a friend. IT was about 10" long and had a great handle on one end. Its really sharp, so you get the zest of a lemon or orange in seconds.
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my vitamix! I'm even going to get rid of my bread machine because of it (I only use it to mix dough...)
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, I posted a thread kinda like this one without seeing this one first!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry rainsmom.

Right now my fav kitchen gadget is the microplane, too. I
all of the different thing you can use it for.
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Hey emmama! Great minds think alike. But small appliances or different than kitchen gadgets.

Originally Posted by rainsmom
Hey emmama! Great minds think alike. But small appliances or different than kitchen gadgets.
So is that where I should be talking about my vitamix??

So a kitchen gadget doesn't use electricity??
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I have a pampered chef tool for popping seals on jars - i LOVE it so much
Is a melon baller a gadget? I love using my melon baller!
I love those little spiked plastic handles you use to hold corn on the cob.

I also love my egg slicer and my cheese slicer!

As for electric things, I have a milkshake blending thingy (just a single spinning propeller that you can put right in the cup to mix smoothies or whatever)!
Can a garlic press count as a kitchen gadget? Around here it's a necessity - used as frequently as knives.

Pizza slicer too. I used not just for pizza but also for scoring a circle of scone dough into wedges prior to baking.
I love my garlic press that flips up and you can just scrape it clean. Love little pancake molds to make heart shaped pancakes for ds.

eta: sorry Mama Lori, just saw yours about the garlic press. But I got interrupted mid post and just got back to it. Hope it counts, because that's my fav. too.
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chef's knife. It's a really good one and I use it all the time!
2nd bagel slicer.
Hi Rainsmom!

You might like my new favorite that I picked up a couple weeks ago. Have you seen those Oxo Good Grips measuring cups that you can read liquid measurements from above? Well they make a little bitty one that measures tablespoons (up to four I think, a quarter cup?) and it is perfect for measuring salad dressing! Fits great in my lunch bag and is a nice item to help me keep track with my "eating program"

Lemme see if I can find a link....

Mini Angled measuring cup

microplane grater (I have a shaver type, i want the zester), susi garlic press (best I've ever owned), and the Sabatier chef knife we got for Christmas are used every day. Love 'em!
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Ive got one too! Love it~
It has to be my Pampered Chef garlic press. I love that thing so much.

I also like our hand can opener . . . . . it's one of those safety can types where the whole top gets cut off so you have no sharp edges or have to worry about the yucky lid falling onto the food inside the can.
I love my silcone spatulas (I got mine at Williams-Sonoma, but you can get them just about anywhere these days). I use them for baking, cooking, you name it. They have flat ones and one with a spoon look.

I want the citrus grater thing next.
I love my rice cooker! It's never over or underdone anymore!

I also love my Oxo ice cream scoop - it really helps you get the ice cream out easily.
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