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Favorite Kool-Aid Colors?

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I am taking the plunge and handpainting my own wool! I bought a bunch of Kool-Aid yesterday, but I was wondering what flavors in particular got the best color. I also couldn't find anything green at my Pathmark, is there a good green I should shop around for?

Meanwhile, I read somehwere that Canadian Kool-Aid works better with red colors than American (red #6 is illegal here?). Any info on this, (sub question- anyone in Canada want to send me some KoolAid for PayPal?)
Is Knitty Canadian? Because I looked at samples on their site and the reds looked great!

OK, if you've made it this far through my excited ramblings, thanks!

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There is a nice kool aid color chart that shows you the rainbow you can get by "flavor" I don't have any problem with our "American" reds. Black Cherry is very dark- and the strawberry is very pinky.

I like seeing how the colors look on grey yarn!

Love Sarah
Wow thanks!!! That's awesome. The hunt for the elusive Lemon-Lime begins...
You could also use regular food coloring (even those tiny mccormick bottles) - you'll just need to add vinegar. Then you could mix a nice wide palette.

Ooo, I didn't know that!!! Thanks!
They don't have all the colors I do.

I will try and get some pics up...

My favorite is "Switchin Secret." It is (as friend says "weird ugly green color")
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I found some *green apple* at my grocery looks like it should make a nice limey shade of green.
See less See more here are a pair of soakers i made using green and yellow yarn - the yellow is extra strength lemonade (more packets than I'd use for the other colors), and the greens are every shade of green koolaid the store had (3?)

I'm all about the lemon lime. Makes a fab limey green... Pink lemonade does a great soft pink. I can't find any pics that I have right now, but they are great....
My original soaker is done in Pink Lemonade, but Megan dyed it after it was knit.

Amey, that green and yellow colorway is gorgeous!!! I am definitely planning on trying that one.
Here are the colors I have. My friend and I used little bits of yarn so colors may be pretty dark.

Some did not are those colors

#15 Orange
#16 Pina Pineapple
#17 Pink Lemonade
#18 Roarin Rasberry Cranberry
#19 Soarin Strawberry Lemonade
#20 Strawberry
#21 Swirlin Strawberry Starfruit

26-28 is my friend and I playing with Wilton Cake dye...that first two are "Violet" #28 is "Violet" with Berry Blue added to it (in attempt to get purple..*L)

Some colors may look varigated. They are not.

We used Lamb's Pride as well as Cascade 220 in this kool-aid extravaganza. The lighter colors are cascade. Since cascade is plied yarn rather than just spun it will not dye as vividly as Lamb's Pride.

#2 (Ice Blue Rasberry Lemonade has dissappeared! I don't know where it went! *L)
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I find the apple green to be sort of pastel, mint green. The lemon-lime is a bright lime green, which can be diluted. The switchen secret is a kind of pea green/mossy green that is kind of "so 70's retro and ugly that it's cute."

I enjoyed making a yellow and lime green hat for a friend, and also made one with blue , green and purple (although the grape is such a dark eggplanty purple that it needs to be diluted with a lot of water, and even then, isn't as true purple as you would expect.

Originally Posted by Lousli
I find the apple green to be sort of pastel, mint green. The lemon-lime is a bright lime green, which can be diluted. The switchen secret is a kind of pea green/mossy green that is kind of "so 70's retro and ugly that it's cute."

YES! That's it exactly. And that pea green looks icky in the glass when you're mixing the colors.

Yeah, I tend to go for brights/pastels... the Switchin Secret (not that I could find it) is a little too mossy for me, although I may be inspired to use it eventually.

I did one with the apple green and ice blue ras lemonade, it came out like the ocean! LOL I love it... I definitely mixed my colors with too much water though, and I didn't have enough green so it's a little lighter than I'd like. I'll post pics later!

I found that switchin secret works great when mixed with the Lime for getting a happy green that is not so neon.
You could try mixing one of the "greens" with grape - it will darken it. Do a test sample first since the purple of grape might separate funny when mixed with the green.

Also note that Wilton's icing "black" seems to separate into a purple/green combo.

I think if you mix green with grape you'll get brown (since green = yellow & blue, purple = red & blue, mix = red, blue & yellow = brown). Maybe to get a darker green try dyeing yarn that starts off darker like the grey yarn in the first color palette post?
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