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Favorite/not so favorite diapers on boys

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Well..I know ive been a gracious hyena trying alot of diapers but now i get to pick diapers for 2 potential converts to try and im
one is a 15 month old little boy and the other is a newborn itty bitty one....YAAYYYYY!!!!
So i come forth to compare notes on diapers for boys...Here is what i have tried:

Kind Hearted Women
Binikini Cuddlebuns
FLAG diapers
Angel Wraps
Buckeye Bottoms
Cloud 9
Darling Diaper side snap and AIO
Going to try some FCB

I think thats it...I could be completely wrong the list is so long :LOL

I know what i like and what i dont like about each of these diapers and i would love for you all to input on diapers i havent tried yet. This way i can compare notes and show them...

Help me convert my friends...
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my favorites on my ds were country cuttins, sos', bikini cuddlebuns and choo choo booties.
You should add Luke's Drawers to the list. I think one thing that often discourages newbies is the lack of instock and the high prices of fitteds. LD's are always instock and reasonably priced. Plus they are a great dipe!
I just got one of each, but I am totally smitten with FMBG AIO's and Bizzybhive AIO's.............

The other dipe that I think is top-notch, and constitutes the majority of my stash b/c of ease and affordability (not to mention GREAT prints) , are my Little Lambs AIO's. 2 cents....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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