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Favorite Prefold?

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The other post about being insane and in love with Prefolds has got me thinking about what I might be missing... there is something awfully sweet about the look of prefolds and pins I think. I would like to try some for the next baby (DS wouldn't stay still for long enough for me to figure those things out while I practice!!!). What are your favorites? Most absorbent? Most cute? Best for newborns? Please advise!

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I like the unbleached chinese prefolds. They are super soft & very sturdy.
We used infant sized Chinese pf's for dd when she was a newborn. They're nice because they seem fluffy and soft and more manageable. (We used a snappi rather than pins). My 2yo ds uses European pf's. They're not as fluffy yet, but they're getting there. They're more stiff and seem like they'll last longer. However, for your newborn, I don't really think you need to worry about how long they'll last because babies grow so fast at that stage. The good thing about pf's is that when you're going through so many in those first few weeks, they don't take very long to dry. We like pf's around here!
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I do not have one but once I get another one I am going to stuff it into a pocket and if it does what I know it will do that will be my favourite prefold. I could care less what it looks like. LOL!
I have some unbleached prefolds from ATD that are assumed to be indian? I also have some UBCPFs and betweeen the 2 I REALLY like the ATD prefolds better, they are softer and thicker and I just like them lots better(especially because they are thicker)
I have Indian prefolds. I am so in love with them. They are the softest thing ever(ok maybe not softer than some wool) I do have some chinese but they feel rougher to me. I would always go with the Indian.
Get some from Shelly at TyeDyeDreams. They are gorgeous and they will help you to love prefolds.
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I had some indian pf's and some unbleached. I used to have bleached but they didn't absorb much at all... I LOVE the indian cotton ones, but I'm passing the toddler ones onto someone else right now and sticking with my reg. unbleached CPFs. They are nice and absorbant, too. Just not quite as super soft as the indian cotton ones.
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