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I have seen a couple of threads mention this-my ds is constantly ripping off his diaper, I thought I just LOVED velcro over snaps....until now. We have a lot of other products but I use a bunch of cpf's and these wraps when we are at home. He has been at this for a while so I always have to put a onesie on him to keep that dipe on! I've had it, so I am finally giving in and buying snapping covers (the last batch of velcro are only about 2 months old-size change
: ). Anyway, please, please, please help me decide what kind to get-what is the best for my money...and something that will be somewhat "Colin-proof?" Help!!! I want to order asap, thanks for all your help!

...oh, and nothing too expensive...I'd like to save our $$ for the fun stuff!
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