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Favorite website for ordering breastpump/supplies?

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I'm 32 weeks pregnant...and want to purchase a PIS breast pump soon. I'd like to order it online with free shipping if possible. (baby's r us is so expensive!!!)

Does anyone have a recommendation for a website that also has free shipping and great prices on pumps!

I've done a "google" search...some won't disclose pricing information.

Thanks and happy nursing!!!
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I have gotten my PIS Advanced from
It's just $220 and the shipping was free. I got mine very very quick.
Thanks so much! I'm definitely going to check it out
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I think it's a new regulation from Medela, that most of them cannot disclose pricing online, but they will give you the price and take your order if you call. I got mine less then 4 weeks ago, and $220 was the price.
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