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favorite wipes?

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Does anybody know a good place to get those 2 sided terry/velour wipes?

I'm going through my stash getting ready for the new baby, and really happy to see all the fun things I am pulling out of storage. But I would love to replace my 2 dozen baby washcloths with a few more of those nice two sided ones.

But I have no idea who is still in business anymore, or even where the ones I have came from...

Anybody want to comment on their favorite wipes and where they got them?


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Darling Diapers. She has beautiful wipes, and lots of choices for fabric and patterns. You can get combos of flannel, terry, sherpa, and velour. So much cozier than my BRU washcloths! They are a generous 8X8 size, and about $1.25 ea, but worth it, IMO!
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Little Lounging Lizards has really yummy wipes. She has lots of different combinations too. And they're the nice 8x8 size too.
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Recyclebees! has the best wipes! They are perfect.

Also Lucy's Hope Chest's sherpa/velour 8X8 wipes are fabulous.
Celestial Baby has wipes that are great. They are a little bigger than usual--I love em and I believe they are on sale until tomorrow. Mmmm, I may go buy more
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I love the wipe I got with my last Chumbas order. It is a really thick velour wipe.
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