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favorite wrap/sling etc for a toddler?

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DS is around 28 lbs and the maya wrap is uncomfortable (for me) Im looking at getting something new for him

also, whats your favorite one for a newborn? (im hoping to eventually have another baby
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For your big biy a MeiTai without a doubt!!!
For your newborn, a stretchy wrap (like MamaKangaroo) and/or a pouch (Hotsling or HeavenlyBundle)
2 mei tai questions......are the straps padded (for my shoulders)? And do you recommend any websites to purchase from?
I'm a big ring-sling fan, even for bigger kiddos. As long as the shoulder is wide, I'm still comfortable carrying (even my over 35 pounder), and they're great for newborns, but you probably know that since you have a Maya. I do have a recommendation for someone who makes mei-tais, though, Lissi at Nine Acres makes gorgeous Mei-Teis.
Ellaroo wrap or similar. It's definitely my favorite for my toddler. I love doing rucksack, back and hip carriers.

ALSO- the wrap is FANTASTIC for a newborn. The cradle and front wrap cross carry are excellent.
My son is 18 month and I love my MeiTais especially the OCTI Mei Tai. I also recently discovered woven wraps again I can carry him for hours in my Didy.
For short carries or quick in and outs I like my Hotsling and my MomandMe pouch

Definitely a mei-tai. My *hands-down* favorite 2-shouldered carrier.
I love my ring slings for my toddler and my infant. click on kenzie's name and you can see a pic of her comfy in a ring sling. she actually is more comfy to cary in it then my 9 month old even though he is comfy if that makes since. LOL
My new love - the Storch
would be perfect for a toddler (I'm wearing my 17 mth old 27ish lb dd right now
) I love, love, LOVE my Hug a Bub for newborns. Though I must admit now that I feel the Storch love, I think it would work well for newborns, too...
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I really like my ring slings with my toddler. It is so easy to get her in and out. I like the back carry with a ring sling for those times when she is just getting into everything.
Not to be different- but I LOVE my podaegi. I also have mei tais and wraps but I like to wear my podaegi with my 2 year old.

My second choice would be my Ellaroo- it's really fantastic and I love the secure back carry.

Then I'd go with my Maya. Sometimes it helps with a higher carry. Carrying my 2 year old was tough then I worked a bit with the fit and I like it again.

I have a mei tai but I still need to get used to it a bit I think. I'm certainly not a diehard yet.

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