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favourite toddler diaper?

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Dd1 is outgrowing her first diapers. They are just plain flannel and were the first ones I ever bought for her. They have served us well, but they just aren't absorbent enough, and I would like something with microfleece. There's no room for a doubler in these dipes :LOL I need to get her some new ones, hopefully that dd2 will wear eventually. I'm also thinking of a hot summer...I don't want her poor bum to be too hot.

What's your favourite diaper for a toddler? Day or night? Nothing seems to hold her at night anymore.

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Daytime- Sugarpeas size 2, or Pinheads

Nighttime - Honeyboys, with an added Joey Bunz if needed! Or, FCB Nightlights, with an Aristocrat over top.
Oh yeah I should have no problem stocking up on the pinheads and nightlughts :LOL

I had the 'peas in mind though. I have size 1s and love them!

Thanks! Your siggy really made me laugh

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