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FB's having wing droop :(

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Im so sad I just got my first FB diapers the other day, washed them all up, and ds wore them yesterday and it wasnt constant, but during the day he'd get wing droop, and besides that my family wanted to know if they were going to fall off, or if pee would sneak out his hips, Im worried that its a problem that will just grow.
Is there anyway to stop wing droop? These are my first front snapping diapers, and I really love them so far, minus that.
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I'm having something like that happen too. Its only at night time when I use 2 joey bunz I think, unless its just that it is on long enough for shifting to happen. Its like the joey bunz slide below the snaps and then the top part sort of caves inward. It is driving me nuts. I should take a pic and see if its the same thing that is happening to you. She also doesn't have much of a butt so we have seen major crack by morning too. Thank goodness she didn't poo!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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