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FB's vs. Wonderoos

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Alright ladies, let me hear it... Which do you prefer and why? Is the bulk of anyone's stash based on of one (or both) of these? Any general comments or feedback would be helpful too, as I am trying to make a few purchasing decision.

(FTR, the FB's worked well at night; I haven't night-tested the wonderoos yet. I have read as many reviews of both as I can find and the FB snap issues and inconsistant sizing scare me.)
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Well I love my fuzzi bunz! I did own a wonderoos once but I didn't like the inner at all. That's just me though.
all the way. The wonderoos did not fit Stinker who is 38 pounds and growing.
I have 39 fuzzi bunz (15 small, 24 medium & 1 large) my son is 3 weeks old and the smalls fit great with no leaks.
I have 1 wonderoo that also fits him great. The suede inner is awsome. It comes extremly clean and no piling unlike the f/b.
I just sold off 12 of my medium f/b to purchase 12 new wonderoos. I really like the idea of a one size diaper, not having to buy more when he grows. When he out growns the smalls I will sell them to buy some more wonderoos.
I prefer Fuzzibuns though I would love it if they were made with suedecloth inner. I dont like the fit/style of wonderoos much, there's snaps everywhere that confuses the heck out of anyone else diapering your child and I really just dont have much patience with one size items. Fit is important to me and I dont believe you can get a good fit through a weight range of 16-20 kg! And personal experience leads me to believe there's no way a pocket dipe will last through 3 years of diapering anyway.
I have used both and prefer the Wonderoos. I love the suedecloth and being that I have 2 in dipes, the one size diaper is a definite plus.
I MUCH prefer Wonderoos. I like the suedecloth. I Really REALLY dislike the wings and snap configuration on the fuzzibunz. It just bothers me. LOL That said, the FB do work well at night on my 3 year old. Never tried the wonderoo overnight b/c it would probably be too snug in the legs (he's nearly 40lbs with big thighs) with all the stuffing he needs
I have used my wonderoo on my 3 week old son and on a 3 year old 32lber I babysat and it fit both of them great!
I could see them lasting awhile if you had a large rotation
I did not like my wonderoos at all. Yes they fit my infant and toddler, but I was always getting leaks. I am a Fuzzi Bunz all the way when it comes to pockets. I have about 50% FB and 50% fitteds for both boys.
I'm another big fan of Wonderoos. They are very well made and have fit my son for the better part of a year now. The suedecloth looks like it did the day we got our Wonderoos.

Every baby is different though. One diaper works well on one mom's baby that doesn't work at all for someone else.

Mother of Eden has made some quality control changes since January that have dramatically improved the consistency of Fuzzi Bunz. If you're buying new, there isn't much to be afraid of.

Good luck with your decision.
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I think the inners of the Wonderoos is awesome, but they didn't fit my baby so well. When she was on her side she peed and all the urine would leak out the sides. Great concept and probably would work better on an older baby. I sold mine.

Loves and hates:

Wonderoos -
L - "one size" meaning I can use much longer
L - since it's OS, I can make the waist much smaller and rise longer (or vice versa) so it's much more custom than a SML type
L - Suedecloth inner, I prefer it over fleece
L - the leg things, the non casing
L - The colored inners. I bought nearly every semi-unisex combo I could find before they ran out. Hoping they do them again!
L - prints
L - consistant workmanship/design
L - Inner is gathered too
H - No more colored inners :/
H - There are alot of snaps, so can be kinda confusing for newbies/non cders to change

Wonderoos worked well on my newborn (he was a bigun though! 9lbs 5) and still fit him best right now! I had to get medium snap-downs added though, because alot of the older ones didn't have them!
My son is a little chubby thighed, but he's LONG and somewhat slender. so he was borderline between a S and a M FB, but I moved him to medium rise setting on his wonderoos, and kept the waist snugger, and they fit beautifully!
FBs were still either too big or too small!
Plus, the way the legs are done on wonderoos, they are wonderfull for a medium to large legged baby
No marks ever!

Fuzzibunz -
L - easy to get
L - good customer service
L - a little bit cheaper (I got all my wonderoos at the old price though)
L - some of the colors they have
L - because they are SML dipes, I know they fit better in the long run...
L - XL sizes, because I'm guessing corran will outgrow his wonderoos before he outgrows his L fbs..

Personally, I prefer the wonderoos over FBs by a little bit. Fit-etc. I love love my colors too! Fbs though, work just as well, and since they are sized, have thicker crotch area, etc for the different sizes. Meaning on the whole cover you a tiny bit more.

Corran has had huge poopies in both, and I never had a problem. I think i've actually had more pee leaks with my fbs to be honest.

I had 10 wonderoos (5 are still with jessica for snapdowns) and 12 small fbs, and now I have 9 medium fbs.
I'm planning on getting roughly 10 larges, and if he outgrows his wonderoos and still fits into his large FBs, buying a couple more.

I'd do it the same way again, fww...going half and half. I probably would have bought more wonderoos, if I had known I was going to like them so much when they still had colored inners.
Now i'm just biding my time waiting and praying they do them again this fall
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I bought 6 of both to begin with when I started cd'ing. DS was 6 months old and was already in a L fb. Wonderoos always leaked for us. He's a chunky monkey and the fb's fit him very nicely with lots of room to grow. As an experiment I tried a wonderoo and a L fb on DD (3.5yo) and the wonderoo was way too small but the fb fit on the biggest setting. Not that you asked but I love my knickernappies even more
. You can choose either suedecloth or fleece for the lining ( I have some of each) and I think the toddler size will last him even longer than a L fb.
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I don't like suedecloth so I like FB's better!
I'd really love to try out Wonderoos, but if I buy another diaper, dh will just look at me and shake his head. But FBs work great for us. As another poster said, though, each baby is different so test 'em both and see what is best for your babe.
I'd love to try knickernappies..but they are always OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!
thats why I have all f/b and wonderoos. I can get enough to have a system going.
I have one Wonderoo...I love pockets and thought I would love Wonderoos but I'm not crazy about them. I still use the one that I have but it barely fits my 25 pound little guy. They wick sometimes (have to make sure they are stuffed well unlike Fuzzi Bunz which tend to work more better for my heavy wetter. I like the inner of the Wonderoo but that is about it. I agree with the PP about the snaps...I couldn't imagine asking a baby sitter to figure that out (however, I won't even leave Fuzzi Bunz for anyone anymore except one can figure them out
: )
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We have well over 100 Fuzzi Bunz (three in diapers) and three Wonderoos. I really dislike the Wonderoos for fit and performance on *my* kids. I know that fit is something that is hot or miss and FBs don't fit so well on other kids either. I have been lucky in that the FBs have three 3 kids really well.

Our Wonderoos leak out the legs (due to the snap config) and will wick (the outer gets damp). Our FBs have never done that. I do agree that the suedecloth stays looking brand new and the FBs pill, but that isn't enough for me to like the Wonderoos. I really tried.

My two oldest attend Montessori everyday and they wear their FBs there. They are so great since they are totally dependable and the teachers can put them on correctly. Even when they aren't on correctly (gaping legs, for example), they still don't leak. The FBs are the dipes we grab when we must have a fail safe diaper. We have tons and tons of other diapers that we love, but the FBs never fail for us.

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I like Wonderoos much better but my baby outgrew them! At one point I thought I could go buy a size larger but then realized it was one-size! Duh! I wish she would make two sizes! Fuzi Bunz has a strange fit with the snaps up front and also doesn't look as cute as Wonderoos. But this is just me. I know for each person it's different.

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I'm a fan of both, but I prefer my wonderoos. They fit great with the medium snap-down. Before I had that, they leaked out the legs. This is no longer a problem with that second snap down setting she added.
Jessica's a total doll for doing that. Great cs!!!

The suedecloth inner is really nice, too.
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