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FCB or LC for a skinny babe? Need help QUICK!

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I'd also love to know your favorite PUL/snap/thread combos!

Okay, so I haven't made my custom order selections yet.
: I have two diapers to pick out and am trying to figure out the best options, given this will probably be the LAST Fluffymail I ever get!

So my DS tends to be skinny - his thighs have chunked up a bit but still can't compare to really chunky babes! He's 9 months old, around 18lbs and 27" long. We only have one bit of Fluffymail so far - an LC NL, size 1, and he's kind of between the tightest and next-to-tightest snap settings. I've worried about the rise but it seems to be okay.

Whadya recommend, oh experience FM mamas? FCB? NL? I don't really have a preference for front vs. side snap in general - I've had some of each that never fit him in the thighs.
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Ethan's pretty skinny (14 months, 22 lbs, 17" waist and 11" thighs)

insert skinny babe pic here...

I prefer the fit of a FCB on him. I recently tried a LC size 2 on him and I couldn't get it to fit right around the waist.
He fits into a FCB size 1 on the second to last snaps, or a size 2 on the tightest snaps. I ordered size 2s since they'll definitey fit him until he potty trains
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Just to clarify... this is for an AIO, right?

With your DS, i'd do a sz 2 LC. The LC seems to be a kind of in between for the FM sz1 and sz2. I really like the LC fit on my skinny chick. Its like I can get that waist in as tight as I need and still give her thicker thighs room to breath.

Fav color combos:
Sage with Baby Blue
Butter with Baby Blue
Teal with Lavender (tell your DP that's it's periwinkle if you must!!! :LOL)
Lime with some deep bold color

Heck, I don't have any way of looking at all their color combos. I think they just sent you the link. I can't remember my other favs.
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not sure what to recc for size but i got a size 0 aio in sage pul and off white/natural snaps and serging and it is gorgeous! i l
it and pet it daily!
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My DD is 20 months and fits into a size 1 or 2 FCB AIO and a LC size 1. Although she can not wear a LC size 2, because it is way to big in the waist.

My favorite combo...Lime with hot pink thread and snaps, seaspray with yellow thread and snaps
oh...and my favorite color combos that I have are red with bright yellow serging and snaps, and lime with blue serging and snaps
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My FCB2 fits my skinny 19 month old 23 lb boy better than LC2. And the same with the size 1s. He is on the last snaps on LC but the FCBs will still last him awhile longer.

I got one in today that is so nice. Red PUL with blue serging and white snaps.
I just got my first AIO in today from FCB, it's a size one and my dd is 20 mths, 22.5 lbs, in the 98 percentile in height and has a 16 in waist. She fit in the second to last snap setting in the FCB side snap. I
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Thanks for all the input mamas! I'm thinking at this point of a lime outer with blue snaps and thread and maybe a baby blue with brown snaps and thread. It'd match my diaperbag. :LOL


Originally Posted by jentilla
I just got my first AIO in today from FCB, it's a size one and my dd is 20 mths, 22.5 lbs, in the 98 percentile in height and has a 16 in waist. She fit in the second to last snap setting in the FCB side snap. I
So she's near the end of the range on it? I imagine my DS will follow a similar growth curve, as that's much where my DS#1 was.
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oooooooo...the light blue with brown sounds gorgeous

good pick, mama
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I'd go with a FCB size 2. The range of fit is huge with these. Spencer has been wearing them since he was 11 months and is still in them at 23 months.
My favorite color combos are bright yellow with red snaps and thread or royal blue with lime snaps and thread.
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Thanks, mamas!
I ended up ordering a size 1 FCB in lime with purple snaps and thread, and a size 2 LC in baby blue with brown snaps and thread. Hoping they'll work out for my skinny guy.
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You did perfect, Heather! I was going to say go with a size 1 FCB for Iain, they still fit Sarah - who is pretty chunky. I haven't had the chance to try a LC, but the size 2 would have been my second recommendation. I really want to try a size 2 LC because Sarah is growing out of the size 1 FCBs and the size 2 FCBs seem huge on her (I only have a windpro AIO in size 2, though.)
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Thanks, Monique! It's awfully good to have confirmation from someone who's actually seen my little guy!
Speaking of which, I have pictures from the gathering and I need to put them up on my photo site...

So much to do!
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my two cents: fcb sure do resell better...

hijack: imgr8ful- when are we going to get together? I so want to pet your fluffymail too.
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well, now I have been partially converted.

I was a FCB fan all-the-way. But I just got a new LC AIO in the mail about an hour ago and it fits Ethan perfectly. The other LC I tried was an older fitted. My fluffymail world has just been turned upside down :LOL
Can I see a pic of someones little one in an LC AIO?
I can get you one as soon as it's out of the wash

instead of pooping when I first tried it on him, he made a bee-line for daddy's cup of coke :LOL
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We used to just have FCBs and I liked the fit of the size 1s, the size 2s had too long of a rise on Nikolas. I recently got an LC size 1 AIO and I love the fit on him. I have decided that I like front snapping dipes on him much better than side snapping. He is fairly skinny. He only weighs 19.5 lbs. at 16 months. I'm in the process of selling my side snapping dipes to get front snapping ones.
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