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This is an old post I came across I wrote several years ago but just goes to show how the docs throw numbers out there and we, the gullible public just assume since they are the doc, these numbers must be so…..or are they? I was responding to someone's questions, but the info is good to know…

"So my question is will you or will you not have your child vaccinated for the chicken pox and why?"

This vaccine was not routinely given to children when my first two were getting "routine" vaccinations. They got the chickenpox, got over it, and now should enjoy a lifetime immunity. My 3rd child received this vaccine the first year it landed on the recommended list. That was before I questioned vaccines. My fourth and fifth babies have not and will not get this vaccine. After everything I have read, I stopped all vaccines. I can't believe they want to vaccinate for chickenpox now. This vaccine was initially developed for those at high risk (children with leukemia/ immunosuppressive), but of course the drug company could make more money if EVERY CHILD was required to get the vaccine.

" And have you even heard of this - that they are now vaccinating all kids for Chicken Pox? "

The first step is to get the vaccine listed on the CDC recommended list. The next step was to lobby state by state to get the vaccine mandated for school entry. See any conflict of interest there? Why should the vaccine maker be the one pushing the states to add this vaccine to their lists? First selling point attempted was the work/school that would be missed while a child was home with the chickenpox. Many could not see this as a good enough reason to give yet another vaccine to their attempt was to try and highlight deaths due to chickenpox. Not easy to do in an infection that is mostly benign. I believe it was "100 deaths per year" due to chickenpox, it turned out that about only 23 of the 100 were children, in the age group 19 and below. For an example of who may succomb to complications from chickenpox, here is a breakdown of cases that occurred in Florida in 1998, keep in mind, this is an entire state with a population of approx 14,908,230...for an annual varicella death rate of 0.4 deaths per million population.
1) A "healthy" 6-yr old boy (ASTHMA)

had asthma and intermittently on inhaled steroid therapy.

2) 8-yr old boy (LEUKEMIA)

acute lymphocytic leukemia on immunosuppressive therapy

3) 21-yr old fml (ASTHMA)

A 21 yr old fml

history of asthma and was treated with 5mg prednisolone per day

4) 29-yr old man (HEALTHY)

A healthy 29-yr old man

treated with intravenous acyclovir and antibiotics, developed sepsis, ARDS and multiorgan failure.


45-yr old man with diabetes mellitus, asthma and cirrhosis of the liver. Born in Cuba and resided int he US for 35 yrs.

6) 58-yr ld woman (ELDERLY)

A healthy 58-yr old woman, born in Cuba and moved to the US in 1995

4 out of six had pre-existing conditions, the fifth was elderly (almost 60) and the sixth, almost 30. Would he have been better off to get chickenpox at an earlier age when complications are rare?
So 1 out of 6 could actually be considered "healthy", based only on the information we were given in the article.

I'm struggling with making a decision on whether to tell her that I don't want her vaccinated for this or not, so I would REALLY appreciate your input!


And lets not forget the FACT this dr LIED to push a vaccine for a disease that even the VACCINE INSERT describes as "mostly benign".
Dr's statement (lie)
...."that there had been 100 deaths among healthy kids with chicken pox last year."
I would DEFINITELY request that your dr provide the reference(s) for that statement!!!!!!
Total Number of Deaths from Chicken Pox: 48 (1999)
Source: CDC/NCHS National Mortality System, Mortality

Here's the stats for 2000, 48 deaths total in the US related to chickenpox. Not prior health info given, just flat death rate. Here's a breakdown by age,
From age under one to 4 yrs: 2 deaths
5yrs-9yrs: 2 deaths
10yrs-19yrs: 4 deaths
So ages 19yrs & under, total deaths in 2000: 8
20yrs -34 yrs: 8 deaths
35yrs- 49 yrs: 7 deaths
50 and above: 21 deaths

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Ah. So the 100 deaths per year in children isn't just sloppy, it is a deliberate lie.

Tell me again why we should trust the people who develop and sell vaccines or the governmental agencies that help market and mandate vaccines?
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This was the vaccine that caused a pediatrician to YELL at me for not receiving for my daughter, when I decided we were done vaccinating (didn't tell him that, just declined this one at a visit).

There is a lot of push in this one..

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Bumping up this thread as another clear example of doctors handing out dishonest information in an attempt to persuade people to vaccinate.
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