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Feast or famine...

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I just stepped on the scale and found that I have gained 6 pounds in about a month. I know why--I have been a total cookie monster and eating way too many sweets and cookies. Instead of my usual oatmeal or bowl of whole grain cereal for breakfast, I have been eating apple fritters and maple scones from Starbucks
: I have been have a grand time making batches of chocolate chip and sugar cookies with the kids and eating way more than my share.

So I deserve the weight. But at the same time I am absolutely horrified by it and want it *gone* today!! It makes me want to crash diet or fall back into old bad dieting habits that are not healthy for my body.

For me it is always feast or famine. I am either dieting or eating like a pig. I would love to find some happy medium!

Can anyone relate?
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Well, what is your excercise regiment like?
Just wondering, cause I did a diet, for a month, in January, and it gave me the incentive to start running. Well, once I started running, I realized I needed to eat more.
Now, I have since lost 8 inches, in my waist, butt and well, I feel much lighter.
But, I'm allowing myself treats. I'm eating in a way, that I know I will be able to maintain for the rest of my life. The problem with crash diets, is, once you get off, then weight gets back on.
So, now that I'm eating more, and some non-weightloss related foods, well, I'm still losing, just not as quickly. I know I will stop losing when I'm at my ideal weight. But I also know, I'll maintain it, as long as I maintain, continue with my active lifestyle. Which I love so much, and would never give up, voluntarily...
Well, I feel like I am a pretty active person. I go to Curves and work out pretty hard a couple times a week---and besides that I am always running aound with my kids and we take walks together everyday.

After I started Curves I gained a few pounds, but certainly not lost from it. I don't understand how a person can say "I joined Curves and now I have lost 20 pounds" or whatever. My body just does not work like that. Exercise does not take off weight for me. I trained for a marathon with a friend of mine (we were running and swimming everyday) several years ago, and I did not lose weight from that either. It is only when I diet that I lose weight.

But I am not doing hard core running or weight training, though--so that may be part of it.

Yes, when I exercise a great deal I get a bit firmer (but nothing like a "model" sort of firm) but my size or weight does not change. I wear a 10/12 now, and that does not change with exercise, you know?

The only time in my life that I felt like I could eat what I want and still be thin was when I was nursing my kids--especially my first one who nursed every two hours day and night for the first 18 months! I could eat like a truck driver and still lose it--it was amazing. But other than that I think I have a very slow metabolism.
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(i tried to reply yesterday, but my computer ate my post)....

on losing weight for me. Last summer I kind of went boot-camp style. I started training with a group of people for a triathlon. So I ran 2 miles every day and swam or biked for 45 minutes too. I dropped like 15 lbs the first week. and then the rest slowly came off, like at a pace of 1/2 to 1 lb every week or so. I'm back to +4lbs from prebaby. I guess my point is that I needed to REALLY kick start the metabolism. I also needed to drink more water cause my body was hanging onto the water I was drinking.

I am a total junk food -a-holic. (see my posts from last week :LOL). I'm slowly working on eating all the time and not just junk food. It is helping to slowly get my cravings back to a more manageable level. Rather than consume say the whole box of cookies, I am down to a yogurt first and then 1/4 the box.

You go to curves -- i'm not terribly familiar with that routine, but I wonder if you need more than 30 mins of exericise? More like maybe 40 minutes of walking? can you get the kids organzied for a bike ride/stroller ride while you walk? Or sometimes dh and I take the babe and dog to a soccer field that is fenced in. She plays and we run up and down the field. We all love it.
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Certainly everyone's metabolism is different. Eating every two hrs, may work for you. I don't know what your eating habits are like, but 6 sm meals, instead of 3 biggish/er meals, may be your ticket to activating your metabolism.
kercYou go to curves -- i'm not terribly familiar with that routine said:
Thanks for your response!

Yes, I go to Curves now twice a week while my little one is in preschool, but Thursday is her last day until the Fall again, so I don't know what I will do this summer!

But besides Curves I *do* a walk every single day with my kids. I will often jog/walk around them to get more exercise (and to amuse them
). I am not a couch potato at all--I run around with my 3 kids all day, and am always up for playing tag and hide and go seek with them.

For my body it seems to be about keeping my calories down to under a certain point--I feel like my body really wants to be a bit chunky...I give it an inch and it takes a mile!
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