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Feb Due Dates Unite!!! Week of June 7-14!!

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Ok, I'm gonna get this started, I'm sure I'll miss some and please don't take offence--I will blame pregnancy hormones!!

Chiku due Feb 1
Parker'smommy (Heather) due Feb 1
Lisashepp (Lisa) due Feb 1
PeacefulVegan (who also answers to Tracie) due Feb 3
Lou due Feb 3
Kelly 1216 (Kelly) due Feb 3
Twin Mom (Deb) Due Feb 4, VBA2C homebirth
Free Thinker (Mandy) due Feb 5
HelloKitty (Kitty) due Feb 6
Letabug (Arleta) due Feb 6
LianneM due Feb 7 homebirth
TexasSuz (Susan) due Feb 7
Happymamajenni (Jenni) due Feb 7
LesleyLuu (Lesley) due Feb 7
New Life Due Feb 8
Shannon 0218- due Feb 11 hospital birth with great OB
Tug due Feb 12
Firefly due Feb 13
Christi due Feb 14

Periwinkle (Karen) due Feb 14

Fairymomma (Pamela) due Feb 14

Jorie (Margorie) due Feb 14

Ellie's Mom (Jenny) due Feb 14

AmBam (Amber) due Feb 14

rose angel (Karen) due Feb 16
mama2m&m (Denise) due Feb 17
Karennnnn (Karen) due Feb 17
Coopsmama (Kristen) Due Feb 17

Anyone who needs to change their date or would like it added where you plan to birth, please PM me with that information and I'll make a change!
Congrats everyone, here's to an easy 9 months!
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I am due Feb 6 too!!
you forgot me!

Due date is Feb. 1st
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Originally Posted by Parker'smommy
you forgot me!

Due date is Feb. 1st
Sorry Heather!!! You were even on my written list!! You're on there now!!
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Morning ladies! How is everyone today?? My symptoms have kicked in fulltime now. I was up 5 times through the night to pee and inspite of having a snack at 11 before bed, when I woke at 3:00 am, I was starving!!!!!! I grabbed a couple cookies before heading back to bed. I woke up this morning with the worst bloody heartburn possible! I just so hate that feeling of having to puke but not wanting to. Add to that the constipation and the exhaustion--well what can I say, I'm thrilled!!
I go in today to see both my OB and my rhuematoligist, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
U/S and appt is booked at the fertility clinic for June 18, hopefully we will see a heartbeat.
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Shannon, glad you're getting your ultrasound soon.

I have days where my symptoms are pretty mild, and I worry. Then sometime in the middle of a day like that I'll get a wave of nausea and feel reassured. I am mostly tired. I have to pee a little more often than usual, but I haven't started the every five minutes thing yet.

I'm looking forward to my first OB visit, June 28th. I plan on a hospital birth with an OB. I would very much like to go natural this time, as I had an epidural with my dd, and this is most likely my last pregnancy (we only want 2).
I have days or even hours that are good too and I get worried but then some scent will rub me the wrong way and Bleck I feel gross again and I'm thrilled! LOL. It's sick but true.

Just a few minutes ago I was going to wash DS's diapers and whoa the ammonia smell hit me like a brick and I almost fell over!

I had to get up at 4:00 this morning to take my oldest to the school - he's leaving for a four day trip to Washington. I felt like I was going to hurl the whole ride there. Kept thinking.... "Hmmmm, why is DH the one still in bed cuddling DS????" I guess my stupid pregnancy brain didn't think the plan through very well. :LOL

Have you all seen the new "fly by" nursing smiley - I just love it! I keep imagining this being me in about nine months! Hehehe

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Smells are really bugging me too. Dh opened up a bag of All Dressed chips last night and I figured for sure I was gonna loose dinner! (How nuts is it that made me very happy!)
Hi February women!

I feel like I've been writing ny updates in several places, so excuse me for repeating myself. I guess these weekly threads will be like the One Thread and we'll just start the chit chat about how pregnancy is going here instead of in all the disparate threads?

I feel like crapola today. M/S is still mild (queasiness that I can manage by eating), but I'm not sleeping well b/c of the combo of needing to pee all the time and feeling vaguely sick all night. So I am exhausted. I am all for treating pregnancy as a glorious state rather than a medical condition, but it's hard for me to have that perspective now when I feel like I have the low-grade flu.

As I have said elsewhere--I am headed off to a vacation in the pacific northwest this Thursday for a week. Very bummed to realize I can't do horseback riding, whitewater rafting, wine tasting, microbrew tasting, etc. I am also a little nervous about how my energy and m/s will impact our activities, but I'll just try to get lots of rest and do what I feel like. DH is understanding and not afraid to explore on his own if I need a nap. We will be with my family for part of the trip, and I think we're going to tell them about the pregnancy next week, which is exciting, but scary.

Meanwhile, I have had a positive POAS and mega pg symptoms, but finally dragged my butt in to my regular doctor for a beta test yesterday. I was really nervous about it, b/c the beta test was how I discovered I'd had a missed M/C last time. Feels like jinxing it. (shannon, didn't you say you felt like that with your RA doctor?)
So I am, of course, REALLY ANXIOUS to get the results, but the nurses are really blase about it and taking their sweet time getting the results back and showing it to the doctor. SIGH.

Wow, I am really blabby this morning. I just wrote a huge long post over on the regular pregnancy board about my irrational and embarrassing fear of gaining weight. Shut me up already!

Hope all of y'all are feeling the vim and vigor of the first tri!

edited to add: I am having the smells thing too. We went to dinner at a Cuban place with friends last night, and I was really craving the bitter orange pork. As soon as it arrived, I thought I would lose it--it smelled and tasted disgusting to me all of the sudden and I had to switch plates with DH. So bizarre!
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Chiku, yes it was me who said that about my RA doc, and I'm seeing her today, so yeah, real worried!
We're going away next week too and because I had decided that life could not be put on hold for this whole TTC thing, we are actually going camping in the icefields of Alberta. We too were supposed to be doing lots of hiking and caving and some climbing. Hiking I can still do but the rest, who knows. We also have an ATV tour booked and payed for so I don't know, I may be able to do that--I'll ask my OB today.
Speaking of which, I'd better get a move on!
Good luck today, Shannon! I just posted in the beta thread that I finall got the results and my beta levels are 30,000+ which means I am really and truly pregnant! No jinx for me, and I'm sure things will go great for you today too. I'll be thinking of you!
Hi Chiku, I'm also anxiously awaiting blood test results. I had inconsistent test results last week: one positive, and the next day one negative. The tests were different brands so I'm not sure if thats why? I should be hearing back today or tomorrow, hopefully today!

I have been moody. I slept 10 hours Sunday night, and last night I slept 8 ( I usually sleep 5 to 7 hours). Plus I have been taking naps every day which I haven't done it sooooo long. My nipples are still sore, especially when ds nurses. But it hasn't pushed me to wean him or anything (though my mother keeps saying I should wean him and that it would be the perfect time). I just say, "Well mom, he does eat lots of solids now and he does ask for food" which is true. But he also considers his milk food (which it is of course) and points at my breast and says food sometimes. He still loves nursing too.....he just today starting calling his "I mew" ("I" as in his "milk")a new thing..."num num". And he says it with such a big smile

I also have the smell thing. My sense of smell has just really increased. I haven't really had any food aversion from it yet. Last pregnancy I didn' have any food aversions really except for chicken, which so far I've been able to eat with no problem. Non food smells have been bothering me though, like my husband walked in from work last night and wreaked! I kept sniffing him to figure out what the smell was that was bothering me....he thought I was insane.....I think it was just smell overload: his deodorant plus his end of the day BO plus his smelly shoes(he needs new ones) and socks and the cigar he had smoked before coming in.

Well, I'm going to go eat breakfast, I've waited too long already. My stomach feels icky. I'm going to have some ezekial bread toast with almond butter and some yogurt.
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Morning all. I have had some spotting this morning...I am feeling really freaked out about it. I know it can be normal and meaningless, but I also know what it can mean. I took another (less sensitive) HPT and it is still a pretty faint positive. I am somewhere around 14 DPO right now. The spotting was pretty dark (not bright red) and when I got home from running an errand I had to do, I but my feet up and dosed for a bit. Last time I went to the bathroom it seemed to have mostly stopped. I think I am going to call the Birth Center and talk to one of the midwives this afternoon. I am pretty sure they will just tell me to wait it out (I think they are pretty fatalistic about this stuff), but since they helped me out during my m/c, maybe they will let me come in for a Beta just for some reassurance. My favorite midwife there did tell me after the m/c that once I got pregnant again I should let her know, and she would be happy to arrange for an u/s as soon as I wanted one for some piece of mind (though I know it is too early for that now). I feel conflicted because I hate that my fear is going to undermine my desire for a low intervention pregnancy, kwim? I only had 1 u/s at 18 weeks with dd, and I only got that because I had a ton of anxiety during my 1st trimester. This time I really want to get one before we go away on a family camping trip in late July. Even though I know that 1 u/s doesn't mean you can't still end up miscarrying, I know it will give me some comfort since we will be camping when I am 11 weeks, which is how far along I was when I started bleeding the last time.

Sorry for the ramble. I actually woke up today feeling queasy and pretty fatigued...hoping these are good signs.

DH is going to come home a bit early today so that I don't have to chase dd around as much.

Take care all, and I'll keep you posted.
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I have found the most wonderful easy remedy for bad sleep . . . exercise! I know, I know, "groan" but I started walking ~mile/day last Thursday and have had the first good sleep since before I was pregnant the first time!
It actually started by accident--I had my girl friend's daughter for the day and just couldn't manage two toddlers in the house, so off for a walk we went and then Thursday night I slept! I didn't have to get up to pee once! and even had the energy to get up with my alarm (instead of just taking my temp and going back to sleep
) I was so thrilled that I've kept doing it. So, give it a try. I don't think the distance matters--that is just the distance from my house around the lake (a couple blocks away) and back. Also, I can't say it enough: B6 For you msers, just try for a few days or a week taking 50mg B6 4-6 times a day (200-300mg), with at least an hour inbetween and see how you feel. I also read in "Let's Have Healthy Children" that if you are already throwing up from ms, taking up to 600mg B6/day, still in 50mg doses, for a couple weeks would be safe (300mg is generally considered the safe maximum). Definately safer than losing weight or taking some prescription!

Ellie's Mom *hugs* I understand how scary that can be! I actually had to change my underwear this morning because the one's I put on first had a blood stain in them and I kept freaking out everytime I peed!

Oh, and how is this for a craving? grilled salmon, steamed asparagus and brown rice:LOL. I know, I'm a little odd.
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Karen, you're now on the list

Well my appt's today went fairly well. The OB really layed down the law on restrictions because of my history. She said they may seem excessive but since I said this was the last try, she doesn't want to take any chances--that and she can't wait to deliver a hypno-baby!!! I think it's so cool that she's so on board with it. She had only one other woman who was using hypnosis, but mom's temp skyrocketed and baby's heartrate plummeted, so she ended up doing a section, but she was amazed at how calm mom stayed through the whole thing. She said most women panic when they have to basically insist on an emerg c-section (she is very against doing them unless lives are in immediate danger), this mom sat listened to the reasons, asked some questions and then gave the OK, she said she felt mom healed better after too, so that has my completely stoked!!
My rhuematoligist is going to inject 4 of my joints next week so that hopefully I won't be in a flare during our honeymoon. Both my OB and the rhuematoligist said that taking demerol is fine and when I contacted Motherrisk in Toronto they said it actually has the same safety rating as tylenol. It's funny, just knowing I CAN take something if I'm in really bad shape makes me feel better. My guess is I won't have to take if often, but knowing I can takes away the panic.
I puked for the first time tonight, it's likely aggravated by how hot and humid it is here today, but I was so happy to puke--am I insane or what????
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Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that the spotting seems to have stopped.
I spoke to my MW this afternoon, and she said by all means come in for a Beta tomorrow morning which we'll repeat at the end of the week . She said if there was any question she would schedule an early u/s. This is the same m/w who called me every day for a week after my m/c just to check on me
. So I am feeling tentatively hopeful again.

Shannon: Your OB just sounds like she rocks! I am so glad, and especially glad that you will be able to go on your honeymoon without having to worry as much about pain.

Chiku: I hear you on the exercise. I got through the 1st trimester with dd by walking daily. It gave me at least an extra hour of energy in the evening, and helped me sleep more restfully. Need to start that again! It is much more challenging to exercise with a toddler I find.

Ok, I have fallen asleep while lying with dd for night-night time for the last 3 nights. I am tired.

Night all sorry not to address everyone individually.
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Hi everyone,
I had very mild m/s with my first, in fact, never even vomited except the one time I took a prenatal on an empty stomach. I feel like I will probably have it mildly this time as well, based on what has happened so far. It usually goes away by the afternoon and by lunch I'm often starving.

I am so hungry tonight, I could eat everything in sight!

And all I want to eat is seafood. Which is also a craving I had with dd. My dh says, "You want to eat crab stuffed with shrimp." And i thought, yeah, that sounds about right. I'm almost completely off sweets, which is strange for me, a former pastry chef. All I want are salty and sour things. Salt and vinegar chips anyone?

I'm sooo tired. That is good, because I worry a lot about having such mild symptoms. I'm really thinking about asking my mom to give me an ultrasound next week in her office. Can you see a heartbeat at 6 weeks? I'm 5 weeks today.

Okay, my dd needs me, she is very crabby, not having napped today.
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