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Feed Back Needed! . . .UPDATE . . . The Results!

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Yesterday, I was directed to a website that had some information that really got my attention. It had a hypothesis about the role circumcision plays in men who have problems with premature ejaculation and men who have problems with being desensitized to the point that they need vigorous stimulation to achieve orgasm. It instantly made sense to me but it was only a hypothesis and had no research to back it up and before I "put it out there" I would like to have some feedback from men or their sexual partners on your experience. When I have collected the information, if it appears to be credible, I will post the information here.

If you or your circumcised partner have either of these problems, please PM me. I have about 3 simple questions. They are not personal or invasive questions and will have simple "yes or no" or "A or B" answers. Your answers may give new understanding to the effects of circumcision on the sexual act.

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does this include past partners, such as my children's father whom i was with for approx 5.5 years?

if so, i'll be happy to take part. I wish you the best of luck on your work!
If it includes any sexual partners, I'd be more than happy to help out.
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Put me on the list be happy to help.
Sure, will do!
Put me on the list, too.

Hey Frank,
You may also want to see if you can enlist the help of other 'expert/sexperts'.

Maybe Susie Bright would be interested in something like this? I bet she would be interested in it from the standpoint of how circ might be effecting sex for women, for example.

Anyone know of any person who has specifically been vocal on this? I know there's Howard Stern, but he doesn't really strike me as likely to care about a scientific study.

BTW, the reason I mention Susie is because I wrote a letter to her about not circing my son and she answered it on her audio show. She gave a pretty good answer (basically, the less cutting the bettter). HOwever, she didn't want people that circed to think that they 'ruined' their sons.

Just a random thought, and I have lots of those.

Aren't y'all lucky that I keep most of my random thoughts to myself (-;

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you can PM me.
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