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Feel like such a [email protected]#$h! (whine)

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Not sure what my problem is. I'm 37w1d today, got to sleep in, relatively stress-free day so far and yet, I'm such a B----! I have SUCH a short straw and I just feel so crabby. I vacillate between wanting to punch someone and wanting to cry. I don't even know what I need - dp was going to take the kids to the park to give me some time, but I don't really want to be alone either. ARG! Just hate feeling so pms-y!

Anyone else on board?
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When I've felt this way I've had feelings about the birth, new baby, life change that needed acknowledging and working through.

Try journaling!! Write down your fears, feelings, expectations, and then just let the universe have them.

Here's hoping you find some peace!!
Cry! Cry, and cry, and cry some more. Just let it all out, and then have a nice long sleep. Let your DP take care of the kids, and just have some 'you' time. Maybe even schedule a massage to help you relax?
I have been feeling the same way the past couple of days! It is a totally PMS-y feeling. . .I'd be more okay with it if I thought it meant something as far as getting close to birth. Sigh. But I am afraid its just me being anxious and cranky. . .everything just feels kind of overwhelming right now. I hope this doesn't go on for another 3 weeks.

I do plan to call to schedule a massage tomorrow!
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These are great responses...a testament to why this board is so awesome. It's true, I'm feeling a bit anxious about the labor and about not dropping the ball on my first dd while trying to nurture and mother this second dd. I talked about it a little with DP and it helped. Perhaps a bath or something later will help - it all seems like so much work right now - I'm just being pathetic. LOL. I did get myself a yummy burrito and I'm excited to have that. :)
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