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Feeling a bit hyper and unprepared.... "need" things for new baby

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I think I'm in psycho overload mode.

I am making a list of things I still "need" for this baby.

I'd like a diaper wetbag that zips on top with a matching wipes bag. I hate our current system (umm ziploc bags and a bummis stinkbag.... cause the bummis bag does NOT do the trick for me).

I'd like some mama pads for me that don't have microfleece. I can't stand the way that feels. So maybe some all hemp ones?

Oh, and I think I'm going to get a couple dozen nice wipes. Mine are fine, but they were all homemade by me from old receiving blankets and I would like some more "grippy" ones. I got spoiled by a free one in a wahm package!

I think that's all? I don't know.

Anyone have specials on any of these things? Charity auctions? Free shipping? Free dozen diapers with purchase (that was a joke!)

Diaper Wetbag (zip)
Wipes Wetbag (zip)
MamaPads (no microfleece)
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off top of my head: or for all bag needs, for wipes or buy your own velour and make own wipes, and I think does ppd pads. Toddler doublers work quite well too after about day 3 for ppd pads. sorry if links fail...
hugs. i felt/ feel this way, too.

i had to order another dozen infant ubcpfs and 1 dozen preemies last minute because i felt so underprepared for some reason. nesting. my baby will prob. fit in preemies for 2 weeks.

oh well.

i still have things i want to make/ buy. i need wet bags in the worst way know to mamakind. we have some wool bags, but they dont close at the top, which is lame, and i know i could just put zippers in them but i hate putting zippers in stuff and i want to have some made by someone else. i am tired and dont really have the heart to sew a bunch right now.

ita about microfleece. gag. can you make your own pads? with a snap or velcro.. they arent too hard. or use trifolded preemie cpfs, i have heard people say they used those! (i may have a use for mine yet!)

i wish i could be more help. but i understand, youre not alone.

tabitha 38 wks 6 days
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Wow, Tabitha, you are CLOSE!!!

I should have clarified, I don't need mama pads for postpartum, well, I do, but let me explain... I had all of 10 days of bleeding after Libby and they were lighter than anything... they kinda dumped me out during my c/s I guess? BUT I got af back at 6 weeks pp!!!! Yikes!!

Wouldn't a prefold be bulky? I know I put them on my KID but I don't know about ME
I am trying to imagine

I could try to sew some pads... hmm.... thinking.... lazy.....
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I love my glad rags (especially the nighttime size) and they're all cotton. And has really nice wetbags.
OOh I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear the first fluff their precious nb bums wear

Sooo living vicariously by you pg mamas... I have to keep myself in check - dd is only 8 mos old...
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Diaper Wetbag (zip)
Wipes Wetbag (zip)

I have a wetbag by Happy Tushies and am debating getting a mama pad bag from her now. I think she also does little wipes bags.

MamaPads (no microfleece)
I got some from Hidden Pearl Creations that are just hemp fleece or hemp topped. The two overnight pads I've got have microfleece on the back, but it's not up against you.

Oh, I also used one of ds's infant ubcpf's after I got mad at my disposable pads and it was bulky, but immensely more comfortable.

I'm no help here, still need to get more.
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