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Feeling Dizzy

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Today while I was sitting down eating breakfast, my son leaned up against me and it made me feel dizzy and off balance.

Then just now when I was vaccuuming I got dizzy again and had to sit down because I felt like I might fall over.

I haven't had anything exactly like this before. When I was pregnant with DS I got a mild dizzy feeling around when I conceived, and once felt dizzy and faint in a very hot laundry room. Nothing like what is happening today. Anyone else experiencing this? What would cause this?
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I have been pretty dizzy as well, mine is because i have low blood pressure. I get dizzy anyways, but since i have been pregnant it has increased for sure. Hope you feel better soon .........
I had something similar happen to me this past weekend. It was about 9:30 am and i hadn't eaten anything yet. I came downstairs and all of a sudden got REALLY dizzy. I sat down with my head between my legs and thought for a while that i was going to pass out. Luckily, I didn't pass out but after the episode was over, i was covered in sweat. I also had a really tight feeling in my lower abdomen for the rest of the day. I was nervous and called my midwife. She didn't really have any answers for me. She said it could have been due to low blood sugar since I was late to eat breakfast. She also said that sometimes it is due to a drop in blood pressure. She told me to relax for the rest of the day, eat lots of protein, and to call her if i had another similar episode. I haven't had one since.

I hope you are feeling better. I am not sure what causes this but my midwife didn't seem too concerned. I had eaten lots of sugar the night before (very unusual for me) and hadn't had much protein for dinner. So, maybe it has to do with diet?????

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Hmm, my breakfast wasn't too late this morning. And it was 2 eggs and a whole wheat pancake. So probably not the blood sugar issue. But maybe low blood pressure. I was just reading some stuff online that says mid-pregnancy low pressure is completely normal and sometimes can get dizzy if your body hasn't adjusted completely. So that's interesting. I'll see how it goes I guess, and sit down if I need to. I don't think I need to call my midwife yet, but will if it gets excessive.
I get dizzy from time to time with no apparent cause or reason. It never happend with my daughter, but happens with this pregnancy every few weeks or so. I dont' have any answers for you, but it appears you are not alone with the strange dizziness symptomes.
Dizziness is common during pregnancy...I *just* asked my MW about this on Mon morning but I got sidetracked after her answer (about my high blood pressure that) that I totally forgot what she said it was about... Sorry!
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