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Anyone else breastfeed and give baby pumped milk?

I'm doing this right now. I was EPing before DS had his posterior tongue tie clipped last Tuesday. I've been breastfeeding him around the clock since Wednesday. He's not gaining weight on breastfeeding alone. LC thinks he still needs to practice since he was on the bottle for 4 weeks and when he was EBF he had a bad latch and weak suck due to the TT.

I don't think I have supply issues. I had low supply before I started EPing and taking herbs, also due to the TT. I had oversupply when I was pumping. I was pumping anywhere from 40-52 oz a day. I dealt with oversupply and OALD last week when I transitioned back to the breast. I don't think it decreased too much to where it would be considered low.

I really hope it's just time and practice he needs. His latch seems fine. I don't have the nipple crease and soreness I had before. He prefers the left breast over the right. It's easier to latch onto and the supply is better. I have a frozen stash, but it tastes and smells soapy. He doesn't prefer it, but will take it. I prefer to give him fresh milk so I've been pumping (2 oz every 3 hours and nursing here and there) from my right breast and doing the vast majority of nursing from my left.

I never thought we'd have to struggle like this. I only dealt with latch issues during the first week with DD1 and I struggled with persistent thrush for 10 weeks with DD2, but other than that no issues. They were EBF and I never had to put much thought or effort into breastfeeding. :sigh:

I wonder if he'll ever be able to breastfeed exclusively.
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