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Feeling like I want to give up

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I know people have way worse nursing problems than this, but it is overwhelming me and taking over my life. For 3-4 weeks I've been battling first a plugged duct in my breast, that has now migrated to my nipple. No matter what I do it won't go away. The pain is almost unbearable. There is a calous on my nipple that I have popped multiple times, almost daily, but nothing comes out. I've nursed in every position, I'm taking lesithin, soaking, using the pump. I'm afraid it's never going to go away. My ds won't take a bottle because he is 4 months and has never had one. I'm sinking here. Does anyone have any ideas
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We all have moments when we don't enjoy being with our kids, or don't enjoy BF- and that doesn't make us "bad moms." It just makes us human.

How much lecithin are you taking, and how long have you been taking it? You might need a higher dose and/or a little more time before it starts to work. Have you seen the kellymom page on plugged ducts and mastitis? You might want to try some of the "antibiotic alternatives for treating mastitis" (garlic, vitamin C, echinachea, IIRC) even if you don't have symptoms of mastitis- you might have a sub-clinical infection. I went through that when my DS was a little over a year old, and it cleared up when I started treating it like it was mastitis.

Also, make sure your bras fit properly (if you wear bras.) Too-tight bras can contribute to plugged ducts.
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This might sound horribly crude, but do you have a vibrator? Are you willing to use it to massage that part of your breast while you nurse?

If I were trying to get rid of a stubborn plugged duct (which, oh my, do they hurt!
), I would soak it, pump it, and then nurse on that while massaging that part of your breast with the vibrator. Maybe alternate hot packs and the vibrator while nursing.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I've never had a plugged duct that long, but I can imagine that you're feeling frustrated enough to think about giving up. You can get through this.

Take care.
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You might also want to check with your doctor and/or hospital lactation consultant. They might be able to offer you more help. It sounds horribly painful. Just know that you'll have to get rid of it one way or another, and once you do, it will feel so much better and you might have a different perspective on things.

You'll be ok. Good luck.
I've been taking lecithin 3600mg for almost a week. I've seen 2 different LC's. The last one several times. She didn't really know what else to do. There is one more LC people have recommended, I think I'll call her monday. I did everything from Dr. Jack Newmans page and I thought most from Kellymom, but I will recheck kellysmom.

The vibrator is an interesting idea
, but the plug seems to be in my nipple, not in the breast. I don't have any bumps or backup in my breast. It is purely the nipple tip. It makes me think it is a latch thing, but he seems to latch correctly?

The pain is like hot needles. Nothing can come in contact with the nipple. I've been wearing hydragel covers on the breast since monday and that helps with nothing rubbing on it and making me jump out of my skin, but everything is just staying the same, not getting better.
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Could it be yeast/thrush?

I had that and it went to a clogged duct and then mestitis. It was awful.

I took meds for the thrush, soaked my breast in warm, salt water and used a comb (like the vibrator idea) to break up the build up in the breast.

If it is not yeast and only the nipple, maybe the salt water will help with the nipple. Depending on your size, I filled a large cup with as warm as I could stand water with some salt and put it right over my breast. My lactation consultant said that salt can be a very powerful healer.

Good luck!
I never experienced a clogged duct, but was told by my doc that if I did to have my husband suck on it. I know it sounds weird, but he said that his swould be able to suck harder and would help...I hope this is helpful
hugs mama... no advice just support. i had mastisis once- terrible. isnt a cabbage leaf supposed to help or are you way past that?
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