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I am living in Southern Germany (Stuttgart) where I would say that
many AP principles are more or less accepted.
Young mothers are encouraged to stay at home for at least the first
year with children, encouraged to breastfeed, etc.
However, I have since found this to be true only in the first year. Now
that Catarina is almost 1 (she'll be 1 July 20), I have found that
there is a dramatic shift in attitudes. Babies are no longer 'Sauglings',
pediatricians and nutrition experts no longer encourage breastfeeding
or solids introduction at the babe's pace.
From One year, children are encouraged to be eating 3-4 times per day.
My pediatrician gave me a lecture for 45 minutes on why I have to
introduce meat to my child right away (and then refused to give Catarina
a blood test for anemia or iron-definciency because she said that she's
obviously healthy), and my friends who I used to turn to for AP support
when my family made comments about AP have now all of a sudden decided
to tell me that my daughter is too old to be BFing, Co-sleeping, and
that I'm raising my child without discipline because she's still not
eating, I pick her up every time she cries, etc.
Now, not only am I in a foreign country, but I'm really feeling alone
and as if I'm the only person who practices AP. My husband supports
and encourages me, but I still feel lonely during the day.

Does anyone have any good suggestions/advice? Anyone else going through
the same thing?

-Holly, mama of Catarina (20/07/04)

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I'm in Heidelberg. My youngest doesn't do well on long car trips, but maybe I could meet you half way sometime? We cosleep, AP, PD, cloth diaper (with some EC thrown in!), no-vax, homeschool, homebirth... I promise not to make you feel like a freak.

ETA: It's only about an hour from Heidelberg to Stuttgart, but driving it alone with a baby that could decide to scream the whole way isn't very appealing.
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