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Okay, I could have had a mental breakdown earlier in the week, but things have gotten sooo much better! And I sooooo need a pat on the back cause I converted a mama to cloth! And I hardly ever talked to her... and ONLINE at that! I somehow let it out one night that I CD'D, and she let me give her a little talk. I took that opportunity and "talked" her poor ear off (don't get to talk diapers that much) and she messaged me tonight saying she just got a Wonderoo and loves it! She wants to see how her DS does with it and will go out and buy more dipes. I was beaming!
Anyway, as for my problem with the Liz Cloth wool... I checked the website and she doesn't sell colored wool, and the seller e-mailed back saying it was kool-aid dyed and didn't think that bleeding was still a problem. She offered to refund me if I send it back, but am waiting for a reply from her as I don't feel I should have to pay for shipping. As for my Kissaluvs, the stitching colors are apparently a sizing thing, clashing colors aside. Yuck! Colleen said I could back out of paying for shipping by going to eBay. So, I have to figure out if I can overlook the stitching, or go to eBay. I think I'm doing the latter cause I really hate them and am only re-considering just because they are "very limited edition". lol Can you say crazy? BUT, if I go to eBay, this will be my first time selling, and I am actually hoping I make myself do it so I can also force myself to sell off DS' too-small dipes. I have no idea why I want to hang onto them, I just do! I don't know when Liam will be getting a little brother or sister; it could be years, it could be never. I'm single and it looks like it's going to be that way for a while (unless someone is from east Canada lol). Anyway, I figure I should get rid of them while they have good resale value and are usable, maybe keep one of his tiny Kissaluvs, and a few of my really favorite ones. Someone tell me how aweomse selling on eBay is before I change my mind!
AND, my missing Cloud 9 snap-in reappeared today. I was elated... over a $2 doubler!
I also sunned out DS' too-small dipes today, my first attempt at sunning. It worked pretty well and all the stains are either gone, or mostly gone. A bird decided to poop on one of my Cloud 9's, but otherwise it turned out great! Anyway, Liam is waking up so I should get going. Just wanted to let out some of my happiness before I burst!
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