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feeling nauseated post mc?

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about a week ago, i finished having a natural mc. it took quite a while and i finally stopped bleeding last monday. yesterday and today though i have horrible nausea that feels like morning sickness. i thought it was b/c i had a really sore back but my back seems to be letting up but the yukky feeling aint!! could i still have progesterone or something in my system making me feel like this? or is it a bad sign i may have retained some placenta or something? should i worry?? or do you think it is probably just my back? thanks in advance. i am trying to get into see my chiro tomorrow even though i have an apt for tues. maybe i will go phone my accupuncture person too.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
For me, the nausea lasted for a couple of weeks - until my pregnancy hormones were gone. I don't think that you should be worried at this point - your body is trying to adjust, and at least for me, I think my body was in denial more so than my mind was when I lost my first. Take good care of yourself, and I hope that you are feeling better soon.

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I will second that. I've had two m/c this year and had symptoms that outlasted both pregnancies. Your hormones will be a bit wild for a while, I even had symptoms dissapear and return making me believe I was pregant again just before my period finally arrived.

Also those hormones will make you more emotional. I was really upset after both m/cs but I also had sudden fits of teariness, that seem to come out of nowhere. When I found out this was very common I felt a lot less like a disaster area.

Please take good care of yourself.
thanks so much for the input. i think it had more to do with my really sore back than anything else but maybe hormones were involved! saw my chiropractor and he said he was not surprised i was in pain so i guess things were out of sorts. am feeling a bit better now. i wish i had known before how much pain i would be in and would have made an effort to see him sooner. word of advice for any momma's who've recently miscarried. take good care of yourself and this includes seeing a chiropractor or something similar.
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