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feeling of milk *letting down*

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Okay, so since I didn't experience this until after dd's birth, I'm really kind of excited/confused about this... It's only happened twice, but I get that *tingly* feeling, like when you begin to nurse the baby and your milk is letting down. I know once was in the warm shower. Nothing is coming out, but it just feels like their gearing up for nursing! I can't wait...

p.s. - with all of my BH and dilation beginning, this isn't necessarily a sign of something happening sooner than later is it? Okay, I'm totally obsessing now! I'm sooo excited to meet this little guy I can barely contain myself anymore.

Keep telling me it's too soon, just to keep me in check! LOL
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IT is getting exciting!! My breasts are suddenly a lot larger than just a week ago. I can't wait to nurse again. that is such a nice time with baby.
I woke up in a puddle of colustrum the other day after a nap. I'd been having baby dreams.

Well, heck, this is my 1000th post. Nifty.

Originally Posted by gnutter
IT is getting exciting!! My breasts are suddenly a lot larger than just a week ago.
OMG! Me too! I realized the other day that my bras that I have been wearing during the majority of this pregnancy are suddenly getting a lot tighter than they were a few weeks ago. But I couldn't remember if they did that during my other 2 pregnancies or not- so I thought maybe it was just my imagination until my dh told me this weekend (after being gone for 2 weeks) "hey- you're boobs look bigger!" Thanks honey, nice of you to notice! LOL
i get that feeling several times an hour now! my boobs are also a *lot* bigger than they were just a week ago.

haven't been leaking like crazy this time around, though. with ds, i leaked CONSTANTLY! every morning, i woke up in a pool of colostrum.

i've been wondering if it means anything, too. obviously, if you're getting that "let-down" feeling, there's oxytocin running through your system, sooooo.... i would think with enough oxytocin, ctx would start kicking in?

guess we'll see soon enough. i don't think it'll be too much longer now!
Oh I miss those days! Wish I was having another babe! Oops, just realized I'm crashing a due date club. Sorry 'bout that! I just saw the post in "new posts."
Weird, I have had that a few times too! That weird tingling. I usually got it last time when I was at work and it was "time to pump NOW" or have a wet shirt.
So this last week or so I'll suddenly feel the tingling and think, "oh, I need to go pump," but I don't!
I did not think I liked nursing last time, but I'm looking forward to it after all.
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When I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago for preterm labor, I had the let down sensation too - and I was definately on my way, so I think there is a correlation. That is the only time it has happened for me though. I too am looking forward to nursing again - such a sweet time.
I was just noticing how dark my aerolas have gotten lately. Wow! And I couldn't figure out why my nips looked funny... there is dried colostrum in several of the ducts. I mean, duh... I've nursed for 52 months and I am trying to figure out what's going on.

It seems like all of us are having various things going on getting us excited about going into labor soon.
Our babies are teasing us!

In my head I don't want to go before 38 weeks but then I get excited about meeting baby... I'm fickle!
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In my head I don't want to go before 38 weeks but then I get excited about meeting baby... I'm fickle!
fickle, schmicle! I think most of us feel that way and some just aren't ready to admit it yet!

I'm just holding out until at least tomorrow to even contemplate labor starting. DH comes home around 8-10 PM. YIPPEE!
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I also get the let down feeling. Its ususally after i have a really good laugh which is usually at work or when i take my bra off at the end of the day. Our bodies are gearing up for this and it is exciting.
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