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Feeling out of the loop

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With my last 2 pregnancies I used ob care, which involved a lot of poking and proding and a few u/s. This time around I am going with a midwife and I feel out of the loop. At this point they wouldn't have done anything to me yet anyways, but to know that nothing is coming up is just a strange feeling like I am forgeting to do something. In the past I waited until after the 1st u/s to announce my pregnancies, but there will be none this time so my fam and friends know and dh's will remain in the dark until the christmas party on the 20th. Anyone else having a similar experience?
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Both this pregnancy and the last were attended by MW's but comparing my care to friend's care, I can see how you'd feel that way. Receiving care from a MW often requires a bit more faith in our bodies and the process since there often isn't as much tangible feedback. I try to remind myself that less is more in this case.
lol, I was thinking the same after my midwife appt! I thought, is that it? I asked her about doing a pelvic exam and since she had just done my pap in May she said there was no need, and the most certain way to verify pregnancy was through a blood test. Since she was ordering some labwork she added on the verification of pregnancy, which was really just to make me feel better
I think I'll wait to tell everyone else (other than close family & friends) til we hear the hearbeat, with the way my appointments are set up I'll be doing my next appt. at 12 weeks so we should definitely get to hear it then!
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All of my previous pregnancies have been followed by an OB. By this point I would have had 2 ultrasounds (due to my tendancy to miscarry) bunches of lab work-ups, and I would have been on daily progesterone injections.
This time I will be seeing a midwife once I reach my second trimester. So no appointments for me yet. I am using a natural progesterone cream and so far (according to bbt) it is working effectively. It is a daily stretch for me, I am so used to KNOWING what is going on in there. It is a good growing experience to keep my faith fully in the One who created my body, and not partially in the technology which allows me to peek in on that wonderful and mysterious process.
I won't even see my midwife until some time in January.

However since I have had 2 losses this year my GP has arranged for an u/s next Monday where we will (hopefully) see the HB.
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