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feeling pressured to"deliver"

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Hi, I'm still new to Mothering.
I am currently overdue by about 10 days( June 6th due date). MIL is here-by my petition mind you, to help me finish up some projects and help me pass the time- but I am just feeling so pressured.

With my dd I was 4 weeks late. I had two due dates two weeks apart, was planning a birth center birth so they gave me more lenience with the dates. She was a very persistant footling breech- even after doctor turned her at 39 weeks. At 44 weeks I finally got my c-section.

This time- baby boy is head down- all systems go kind of thing. Got a great doc who will do a VBAC and a wonderful midwife. So now I am just "waiting".

I am mostly effaced- but no dialation.And I am taking 5W and some other herbal tinctures. I get cramping and contractions at night- and this past weekedn they were pretty consistant throughout the days. But everything stops when I sleep- and picks up again in the morning. My doc is fine with me going over the due date- even further as long as everything is fine on the stress tests. I really don't want to be sectioned again. Mostly if just for my daughters sake(19 months).
I know being a week over is perfectly normal- I just wonder if it will all work out. Or if all this planning, researching is for nothing. Just feeling really discouraged! Any thoughts or advice, etc would be appreciated.

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Do you normally have really long cycles? Perhaps you ovulate late, and you aren't really as far along as you suspect.

Either way, I've never heard of anyone carrying a baby inside them over a year - that baby will come out when he's good and ready!!

You can do it!! Hang in there!!!
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