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feeling pretty darn spoiled!!

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I totally did not expect a baby shower for a fourth baby but have now had two (one from my co-workers and one from friends) and was spoiled silly at both!!! Totally made this hugely pregnant, hormonal, swollen, hot and tired momma feel special (I will remember this in the future as I have friends pregnant for the 2nd, 3rd, etc times!)

Anyhow - one of my shower gifts was a pedicure certificate which I will be promptly using tomorrow during my lunch break (shower was yesterday), and the one I am most excited about is the one I am using tomorrow afternoon - a friend is coming over and is insistant that she will be coming over to vacuum, deep clean my bathrooms and kitchen (scrub cupboards and baseboards - all white btw -ack!) - it was hard as heck to say yes to her but she was so insistant and since just had a baby in spring so she said she knows full well how hard it is when you want to get those things done and haven't had the body to do it for a few months - isn't that the greatest idea for a gift (her time) - that is another thing I will be keeping in mind for the future - how easy that would be to do for someone in their last month of pregnancy - it is hard to receive a gift of service though- I am struggling with it but am willing to do it since she was so insistant (and she is a sahm with 4 kids between the ages of 5 mo and 8 yrs (6 yr old has autism) so I know she has seen a messy house and will likely feel right at home here with our "clean but lived in" look
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Wow, that is awesome. Good for you for accepting help. I am trying every day to get better at that. I complain so much about DH not being here and me having no one, but then I never take people up when they offer to help. DUH!

Have a GREAT time at your pedicure tomorrow. Kick back and enjoy yourself!
Thats so awesome for you! I'm suprised that you got a baby shower. I was trying to console myself with the idea that the only reason nobody got us anything this time was because it is our 3rd child (DH's second). We didnt even get a single card from DH's family, including his brother, who's wedding we drove half way across the country to attend last year, or his parents, who are always lavishing new things on DH's sister's baby. Sorry didn't mean to gripe in your celebration thread...

I think thats fantastic.
I would kill to have someone come clean my house. I wanted to rent a steam cleaner to come clean our house, as the carpets are pretty toxic after 2 years of DD and kittens and a puppy, but don't think its gonna happen, and wanted to deep clean the bathroom so that I could take a bath if inclined during labor, but at this point I cant get my butt off the floor if I get down on to it, lol, so its not going to happen.

Although my mom did call today and tell me all of these really great plans she has to do this and that for us which makes me absolutely thrilled. (she loves grandkids more than should be legal, lol) I didnt think she was going to do anything, but now I realize she was just getting her work out of the way before she could focus on us. (she's full time National Guard and runs an armory/military vehicle repair shop during the week and goes away a lot for school/drills/etc and was driving home from her last big trip today) She is excitedly planning on coming up to visit in October, taking DD and I shopping for DD's present, buying me some fairly expensive (for me who is cheap cheap cheap) baby stuff (including a few things on my "want bad but cant justify ever buying" list)
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That's awesome you're getting this help! and the pampering too! Whoo-hooo!

I keep looking at my scuzzy bathroom floor and JUST KNOW i need to get it cleaned up before i go into labor! I'm starting to have dreams about calling cleaning companies to help me out with it it is becoming such a concern...( i have no faith in cleaning companies).
Oh that's so wonderful! I've been hinting to everyone that I want a pedicure, and nobody's gotten the hint yet. Glad you're getting the pampering and the help you need!
Oh how sweet! You deserve it all Mama!

Yeah for you! Have fun at the pedicure. My friends got me a gift cert for a prenatal massage, can't wait to use it.
Totally cool that you have such a thoughtful friend who'll come and clean for you. My sis was here for a few days and didn't lift a finger. She thinks she's helping when she turns the TV on for the kids and watches a show with them. Even calls it bonding.
: All that while I spend hours in the kitchen precooking meals, cleaning, making lunch for the entire family and later being to tired to eat it myself. They put their dishes in the sink after for me to wash them....
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