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I have had an abscess for 13 days leing beneath my nose and above my gum. I spent 7 of those 13 days on metranidazole which didn't help and am now on my third day with co-amoxiclav, have also been on super strength paracetomol and diclofenac. All of this has given me major stomach cramps, the runs etc etc and I have just had enough. The abscess isn't as painful as it was but I don't know whether this has more to do with me maintaining a level of pain relief or whether the co-amoxiclav is working... The lump seems to have grown or is at least more obvious...... I just don't think I can do another day of antibiotics I am feeling that crap. I am considering just asking them to lance and drain it...... What do you think????
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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