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Feeling shallow, but I want her to wear clips

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DD is 19 months old and her hair is getting in her eyes. I cut her bangs a couple of times, but I just like the side swept look better. She hates clips or pigtails or anything like that. Do I need to just bite the bullet and trim her bangs again even though I don't like the look? Feeling so shallow, but I think the clips look so cute.

Any tips or wrist slapping?
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Um, I wish I would help, but I had the same problem and finally had to resort to a haircut. Anything I put in lo's hair got yanked out in a matter of seconds. Now, a few months later, she'll ask for the hair clips and wear them for about ten minutes...and then yank them out.
I want to say don't bother with the frustration, and the expense, but then again, maybe it's good training for when they are older--maybe three or four.
I don't see anything wrong with hair clips, I wore them when I was little I loved them.
Mine wouldn't wear them till she was past 2. Then it was no problem. I didn't trim her bangs often b/c she freaks out at the hair salon. So the hair was just in her eyes for a while. Now she refuses to wear other things on any given day - jeans, certain shoes or panties. Welcome to the world of raising an oppinionated girl!
I can't get Gracie to leave anything in either. I finally found clips that wouldn't slide out. She pulled it out w/a huge wad of hair. If you come up with a solution. Please let me know.
I really don't like her w/bangs. Plus the part that is long, really isn't bangs... (well it is right now, but hair is growing in front of it... that I would consider bangs. That hair is super short). Right now she just blows her "bangs" off her eyes.
I think it depends on their hair type also. Is it straight hair that falls in her eyes? If so, then yes, you need to cut her bangs if she doesn't wear a clip. This is one of my pet peeves on little boys and girls. I get so annoyed when my own hair falls in my eyes that I just feel bad for kids whose parents just let their child's hair hang down on their faces. These kids have to constantly push it out of their eyes all day long while they play, what a pain. I would just grow her bangs out when she gets older.
I got hair clips/bows that hurt when dd pulled them so she left them alone once she figured that out. I did not want bangs on my dd I dont like the way they look on little girls so she didnt have bangs until this past summer she was 8yo and I let her have them at her request.
Soft headbands? Lina doesn't keep those on at all, but at least she can put them on herself.
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