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Feeling the MM love!

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I got our soaker in the mail today. OMG! I
it! The fit is amazing. A custom couldn't have fit better. It was meant to be ours I tell ya! The colorway is even more gorgeous in person.
Now my mission is a pair of longies for the fall. :LOL

What are we doing?
Hey, I have feet!
Abs of steel
Who's there?
Hi Ben!

I just have to add a couple of pics of my ds too. To keep it OT, he's wearing a pair if cargo Doodleshorts from Little Belle Soakers.

So silly!
Can I have your camera?
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A beautiful soaker on a beautiful babe! Don't you just love MM?
Both of your babies are beautiful!!! That soaker really is a nice fit!
Oooh what a gorgeous, gorgeous soaker.
And yummy babe and kiddo!
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sooo cute! and i love earthy colors. i want to try one of those so badly!
Those are gorgeous babes! And I
the soaker, too! What colorway is it?!
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