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Feeling the Sugar Peas love!

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So back when Carrie made her diapers, before they were hyena diapers... I had over two dozen front snap SP for my petite dd. She wore them until she was two and then I passed them on to ds. Unfortunately, ds has never worn front snap diapers very well
so we sold the SP that still had life in them.

So anyway, I ordered a couple of side snap SP from Bryana at Soft Cloth Bunz and they fit ds perfectly! I'm so glad they're three size, because two size diapers can be tricky.

Anyway, ds is napping in his med Sugar Pea and his peas and carrots Wooly Wonder.
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I have a few front snapping that I love. I have a side snap waiting to be washed. I hope I love it too!

I bought a SP wool cover too that ds wore last night. Wow, it's awesome!!

We have a handful of front-snapping size 1 Peas and love them. I'm waiting on a couple of the side-snapping variety and I know I'll probably love them too. I love how absorbent the hemp is without feeling sopping wet (like a Kissaluvs for ex.) Love our flannel cover too!
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I love the front snappers too! Dh used to be scared of all the snaps, but now he reaches for the Sugar Peas first (as long as I'm supervising:LOL)

Originally Posted by busybusymomma
...before they were hyena diapers...
What does this mean...I'm out of the 'cd'ing' loop and trying to work my way back in.
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I have a dozon sp size 1 and love them.
How do the sidesnaps run? I thought I remember someone saying they run either big or small, but I can't remember which one. lol. I just ordered a small and a medium because I wasn't sure for my 14 lb. 5 wk old. I figure he can grow into the medium later if it's too big now.
I love the fit of Sugarpeas size 1 front snaps on my 30 lb toddler. These diapers really would fit my dd from birth to PT. Based on fit alone I would love to sell off my whole stash of other diapers and just use SP stuff BUT I'm very unhappy with the durability and quality.

I have 2 diapers that began to unravel within weeks of purchase and out of the four items I've ordered directly from Carrie, I had to send two of the items back because uneven elastic and snap placement (these were major, obvoius goofs or I wouldn't be posting this). I'm also extremely unhappy with how scratchy the fabric gets after even just a few washes.

I sure hope that going whole sale improves the SugarPeas QC process because I would just love to order tons more of these but for now there is no way I'm going to blow any more money on a product with these sorts of issues.
natashacat- what a bummer! Like I said, I had some Sugar Peas that we used hard and heavy for a loooong time that are still usable (though faded and worn) for the next baby.

nicandboys- the medium is perfect for my 20ish lb 14mo ds. He's slimmed down now that he's mobile. I think the smalls would fit, but the rise might not be tall enough. I bet you'll be able to use both right now!

gardenmom- Sugar Peas used to be realllly hard to get. They were very popular and Carrie sewed all of them herself, so needless to say they weren't as readily available. Now she uses cottage sewers (I think that's what it's called) so now more moms who love them can easily get them.

Enjoy the SP love!
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Originally Posted by gardenmom
What does this mean...I'm out of the 'cd'ing' loop and trying to work my way back in.
Hyena diapers are diapers you have to stalk. They aren't always in stock and readily available (like a Fuzzi Bunz or ME Onesize or CPFs would be). An example of the frenzy around hyena diapers now is the recent episode (there's a thread with about a hundred of us hyperventilating over their site crashing when they stocked custom slots...scroll back to Friday night threads). As soon as an email goes out that one of the popular sites is stocking, the hyenas swarm and click "refresh" like crazy. Of course, the best hyenas know beforehand when they will stock and keep quiet to protect their haul!

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I have a SP wool w/ 3 snap-ins that I truly love-- altho its used more as a cover than a WIO.

I know yall were mainly talking 'bout fitteds, but I wanted to play.
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I love how trim the front snappers are and I love my one medium side snap, too. I'd like mroe but they're all micro-topped on SCB.
I've got several of the hemp front-snap Size 1s. The diapers I washed from day 1 with Downey Advanced have stayed super soft! This really seems to help them not get too crunchy. (Although I can't say ours have been scratchy with or without the DA).
I loved side snapping for my dd, but for ds I never liked the way they fit, so I've mostly been getting front snapping for this baby too.
I love my SP2......the micro topped doublers are awesome!
wanted to add that mine are soft with DA, too. nak
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